Welcome to San Francisco!

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7 Responses to Welcome to San Francisco!

  1. Judy says:

    A rough day shopping the local dumpster?

  2. joeDick says:

    You can’t unsee that

  3. Cavguy says:

    Eye wash stat!

  4. Paul B says:

    And I pay taxes just to allow that kind of crap to go on.

  5. Mike_C says:

    Great. The Asian cross-dressing Moe Howard. Now I truly have seen it all.

    This right after seeing the most profoundly NONpassable transsexual (white, chromosomally XY) working security here at SeaTac. Now even in the unlikely event that I get sleep on this redeye flight I’ll have nightmares. (Last redeye out of LAX I had the good fortune to be next to a rap negro who fell asleep with his hand down his pants [black velour with a red stripe], clutching his penis. To make it better, rap negro was all in my space with his dick-holding elbow and his dreadlocks. To be fair, the guy in the aisle was this morbidly obese white dude who literally spilled over into rap negro’s space. But not my circus or monkeys. I did a lot of shoving and giving dead-eyed looks that flight. Was honestly wondering how if the dick holder was going to come after me on deplaning. Nope, as it turned out.)

  6. Johno says:

    Does that luggage trolley mean he/she-it just got off a flight? Please no, not dressed like that. If so, it would not take long for TSA to search him!

  7. Phil B says:

    The only safe way is to take off and nuke it from orbit.

    Trust me on that one …

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