Well, so much for his sex life

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — A man now living in Indiana is suing his parents after he says they destroyed his valuable porn collection.

FOX 17 is choosing to identify the plaintiff in this story as “Charlie,” as this is a civil case without any associated criminal charges.

The case dates back to October 2016 when, according to a lawsuit filed this week, Charlie moved into his parents’ home in Grand Haven after going through a divorce from his wife. Charlie apparently stayed for 10 months in their home, doing housework in lieu of paying rent. He was asked to leave after police had to be called to the house in August of 2017 for a domestic situation.

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6 Responses to Well, so much for his sex life

  1. Rick says:

    And the asswipe is suing his own parents for treble the amount. $89,000 smackers.

    Keep digging that hole, ya putz.

  2. pornholio@!luis says:

    The wacko been whacking his willie alot, alot, alot..

    ( save the tittie )

  3. arc says:

    $89,000. no. But I would award $4,000 or so. You can’t destroy another persons property simply because you disagree with it. It would be like posting a no-gun sign on a business (not even a 30.06/07 sign), taking peoples weapons from anyone that enters and destroying them because you find it morally objectionable. It doesn’t fly.

  4. arc says:

    Ooph, double post.

    I’ll also add that I’ve spent years saving various pornographic, and non-pornographic artwork. many of the artists no longer have their galleries up and if you don’t have it saved, its gone. I’ve pulled my more distasteful gallery before and had people asking for copies for their own records after the fact. I’ve since put that gallery back up though.

    I’ve even lost some of my own artwork over the years for one reason or another. These days I keep multiple air-gapped backups of everything because it is irreplaceable. If the artist is gone, in some cases, has literally died, the gallery is gone… That work will never be recovered.

    If one or both of my parents decided they wanted to delete it all, there would probably be a very nasty fight over it. A few pieces have between one and three months of work put into them. Others are commissions bought by my customers and I maintain the original copies in case they lose theirs. Its happened in the past.

    Not their property, not theirs to destroy.

  5. crazyeighter says:

    This is going to make things awkward at the Thanksgiving table.

  6. PoppaGary says:

    Doubt he will be at Thanksgiving, he already wore out his welcome as he had been kicked out before this happened and I’m thinking the parents simply didn’t have any more Fs to give.

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