When the Rainbow Goes Over the Cliff

From outward appearances, the four little black kids singing a song called “We Are Provided For” seemed happy. Along with two other Children of Color, they had been adopted by a married white lesbian couple named Sarah and Jennifer Hart. This odd menagerie consisted of three siblings adopted from one family and three from another, and along with their sexually atypical moms, they constituted a progressive Brady Bunch who presented a grinning face to the world.


Child-welfare workers said they stopped contacting the Harts because they feared if they continued investigating, the children risked more beatings, which sort of undermines the whole idea of having child-welfare workers in the first place.

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5 Responses to When the Rainbow Goes Over the Cliff

  1. Unclezip says:

    I have a lot to say, but I’m done with this shit. Along with quite a few others, I got kicked off Oregonlive for saying what really needs to be said. The ops are in complete denial, and like true libs, will not allow dissenting thought.

    Fuck those dykes, their ‘social justice’ enablers, the child welfare system, and the politicians.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Progressives hate children.

  3. SgtBob says:

    It no longer matters what people with sense say. The progressive rainbow unicorns believe the lesbians succumbed to pressure applied by straight society.

  4. Jeremy says:

    And once again the people paid to act failed massively.

  5. B.S. in V.C. says:

    Facts have shown that lesbian couples have the highest rates of domestic violence so maybe they aren’t the best people to be adopting kids

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