A public health official in Laredo, Texas, said 20 Congolese migrants are being monitored for Ebola in shelters in his city and across the Mexican border in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

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  1. FormerFlyer says:

    From the pattern of hands that go with the torso, looks to me like somebody was bent over the hood to play a round of Tickle-Pickle.

  2. just add violence says:

    …… and what you do you when a diseased rat gets in your home ?

  3. BeanersAreUs!@luis says:

    They must want to come and do the jobs the Mexicans won’t do.

  4. Daniel K Day says:

    Well, at least we have some good news here. Now we know there are Level IV pathogen observation centers at shelters in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. Right?

  5. Djamer says:

    Ebola was first recorded in the Congo many decades ago;
    “The first outbreak occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in a village near the Ebola River, which gave the virus its name. . .”

  6. Peter B says:

    I wonder what “monitored” means. In his latest Ebola update, Aesop wrote

    “The ‘screening’ at airports is kabuki theatre. This strain shows no fevers – the only sign checked at the airports – in 50% of confirmed cases.”

    • Scurvy says:

      I hate this type of sensationalized journalism!

      I can not find any report that these 8 in American detention or the 12 across the border showed any symptoms of being sick. It looks like the Border Patrol in on the ball and flagging any and all from the Congo. BZ

      If anyone comes across any credible reports of these 20 showing outward symptoms please post here. Some of the MSM outlets are using images from the Africa outbreak to sensationalize the Laredo happenings. Jerks.

      • Richard Watson says:

        From what I’ve read at Aesop’s, one can be infected and contagious for weeks before symptoms present.

      • Sanders says:

        If Hal Turner says the sky is blue, you’d best check yourself. That bastard is an admitted FBI snitch and provocateur.

  7. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny

    That is some serious shit, Africa is having a problem with that stuff. Aesop and Peter at Bayeurennianianceman have blogged about it extensively and the problems we will have if that stuff gets a foothold on over here.

  8. Kapt Kaos says:

    This is an act of war.

    • Old Gray Wolf says:

      So are some commie rats gonna get shot in the face if Americans start getting ebola? I mean, there is a reason we have Congolese Ebola reservoirs crossing our southern border, after all…

  9. the other other Andrew says:

    Well, dig a hole, toss them in, shoot them, and set them on fire. It’s the only way to be sure.

    And do it to anyone who’s been in contact with them…

    Seriously. If that shit gets in-country we’re fucked.

  10. Sanders says:

    That FBI stooge Hal Turner is still around? People are still listening to him? What the fuck?

  11. bogsidebunny says:

    Not to worry Beto and his pals have a grip on the situation. What’a mean he and his presidential campaign entourage were seen headed to catch a flight to Hawaii for an 6 month campaign strategy session? Hawaii doesn’t take illegals and they can’t swim that far.

  12. Stretch says:

    The story has been denied by both state and federal agencies … which leads a great deal of credence.

  13. CC says:

    Gonna have a hard time blaming this one on anti-vaxxers…

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