You reap what you sow, Pierre

A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism.
The recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders, who have mostly remained silent as the violations have spread up and down France.

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  1. rob says:

    You’re blaming the FRENCH?!?!

    Islam – which translates as “submission” – has been murdering all non-Muslims for over 1400 years, long before there was a “Europe” to blame it on.

    Get a clue.

  2. Back woods okie says:

    It’s time for another Crusade I believe

  3. Exile1981 says:

    The Notrw Dame Cathedral was lit up today, fire got big enough a spire collapsed. They are saying it is tied to a maintenance crew. If its a religious based attack the police will just hide that fact.

  4. Steve says:

    Did I read in there that “they are concerned. ..”!!!
    WTF!!???! ONE theory, it’s the muzzles and they haven’t said anything, because the catholic church is just as evil as the muzzies…just look at their history.

    • rob says:

      Can you read? Thank the establishment of Universities in the West.

      Has medicine saved your life? Thank the tradition of Universities in the West.

      Are you grateful for Western education? Thank the Catholic Church, which caused the foundation of Universities in the West.

      • Johno says:

        Are you an altar-boy, with a really sore bot-bot? Thank the Catholic Church, and it’s warped paedophile priests.

        • rob says:

          No, kid, I’m an adult and I know how to read – and do. You should try it, history’s a lot more enlightening than the propaganda you’ve been fed on television.

          By the way, apparently your “education” in English schools didn’t include spelling.

    • Boone says:

      Just stop it. When the Catholics start blowing up world heritage sights, beheading non believers who refuse to convert or throwing homosexuals off rooftops, then we’ll talk.

      • BlueMntCeltic says:

        Well…… there was that thing called the Inquisition and it’s obsession with the rack, and there were those Salem witch trials, ‘an of course they look the other way when it comes to certain priestly proclivities…. but other than that, heck…. lily white dem Christians is, lily white indeed sez I.

        • the other other Andrew says:

          Well, the Inquisition was a response to ‘fake Catholics’ after the Reconquista and was an attempt to, originally, ferret out stealth Muslims to stop terrorism and such and hey, just like today.

          Salem witch trials, those damned Puritans did some wacky things.

          And the Crusades were a response to Islamic attacks on Christians and christian communities in the Holy Lands..

          And the Reconquista was a 700 year long struggle to gain back lands from islamics (and to this day, muslims still believe that Spain and some of France have always been theirs…)

          So, in comparison, for all the darkness on Christianity, well, just a speck compared to all the blackness of Islam.

          How screwed up is Islam? Even Buddhists have had enough of their shit and are actively killing them in Myanmar.

          • the other jack says:

            dont waste your time confusing that asswipe with facts. he has an agenda and an opinion and thinks that’s enough.

      • FaCubeItches says:

        “When the Catholics start blowing up world heritage sights, beheading non believers who refuse to convert”

        Well, since you mention it…
        – The Aztecs and Incas

  5. Mike Papa says:

    And in typical French fashion, headlines say they have already given up fighting the blaze at Notre Dame. It will be a total loss. 850 years of history & tradition gone. It will be blamed on a white, homeless man I bet. Shows you that with all the yellow jacket’s numbers, it means nothing if you don’t have guns.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      I, too, thought there would only be a shell left, but miraculously only the roof and some of the interior vaulting was lost. The altar survived, as did much of the interior.

      Someone more powerful than firefighters was working hard today.

  6. I take it Ken that you posted this before the ND fire story broke.
    Did you do a spit-take?

    I wonder how many muzzies were on the construction crew working on the ‘renovation’?

  7. Klaus says:

    They have now said the fire was set in two locations. How is that not intentional or maintenance related?

  8. brighteyes says:

    Even if they prove the Rag Heads did it, not a damn thing will be done. I’m not big on any religion or a artsie fartsie type a guy but damn the Rose Window has to be gone. So many master pieces gone. It aint right and heads should roll.

  9. Trib says:

    As I watched When the newscaster said The French may have to give up controlling the spread of the fire I laughed as hard as I do when I watch some of KMLA’s gifs. I may have cracked a rib. What a bunch of pussies. Like Las Vegas we will never know the truth on why.

  10. Djamer says:

    Word was the fire trucks were stuck two hours in tourist traffic trying to go watch the fire. . .

    • Video footage of crowds of Arabs watching the fire, cheering, and chanting “Allahu akbar” have already been put on Youtube, VImeo, and Liveleak–and promptly censored, because we can’t have the hoi polloi knowing those kinds of hatey hatefacts, donchaknow.

  11. Hybo says:

    I see, on other sites, comments from some, in France, that say “It’s time to send them packing”. Yea right, they won’t do a damn thing about this. I don’t know what it will take for the European man (and the American man) to start fighting back and defend our countries and women. This isn’t the first church to be attacked, there have been MANY churches, in France alone, that have been attacked, desecrated, burned, etc. It is damn sad but so are the so-called men in France.

  12. dotacion says:

    I’m certain Notre Dame being incinerated this close to Good Friday and Easter is purely coincidental.

  13. NITZAKHON says:

    What. A. Loss. Calamitous.

    But yes, the French did it to themselves with their acceptance of Islamic immigration. And the muzzies are openly cheering.

  14. Mike_C says:

    It’s not the average Gaul in the street (or more to the point, on the farm) who’s behind mass immigration of parasites and savages into France. I am being precise in differentiating between being a Gaul and having French citizenship.

    As for equating the Catholic Church to Islam, here is the cleaned up response.
    1. Bullshit
    2. Even if a fraction of the evils attributed to the Church were true, it would still be the ills of our culture and our civilization. I will take that over an implacable, foreign and fundamentally alien religion that considers me subhuman, worthy of only enslavement or death. Because I sure as hell will not speak the shahada with a whole heart. (But I certainly am willing to practice taqiyya against its originators. If anyone doesn’t understand that, then two things: a) Bracken had a list of “Islamic terms you should know” and taqiyya and shahada are both on that list, read up on them ; b) TL;DR, I will lie to liars if necessary.)

    And no, I’m not Catholic, and have exactly zero religious impulse. But I am a man of the West, and the Roman Catholic Church is (like it or not) a pillar of Western Civilization. Who so ever attacks Christianity in general, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in particular as a symbol of the Church, attacks my culture and my civilization (even though I am not Christian) and is my enemy.

  15. Butch says:

    Has anyone heard if Quasimoto got out?

  16. Sanders says:

    I was there in ’87 during a tour with some of my buddies. It was quite an impressive building inside and outside. The Rose Window alone was amazing to see in person. No camera can capture just how beautiful it is (was).

    Had to piss like a racehorse and didn’t have any pFrench pFranc coins, and all their toilets were pay toilets. So, I slipped behind a bush and pissed on the wall.

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