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Who says you can’t take it with you?

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Sunday gifdump

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I feel ya, man

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When you really, really need a safety pin

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Good Morning

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Goodnight, Luis

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Texas, baby

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Imagine if Media Treated Gun Rights Groups Honestly

By incorporating volatile terms including “gun violence” and “high-powered assault weapons” into their reporting, are the media telling a story or selling a particular viewpoint? When some deranged individual stabs people, why isn’t that reported as “knife violence?” Does anyone … Continue reading

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‘nother method to skin and fillet catfish


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Things ain’t changed much, have they?

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Your Friday Evening Florida Report

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) — Authorities in South Florida are trying to figure out how a woman who went missing nearly six years ago ended up in an upright freezer that was brought to a scrap metal warehouse in February. The … Continue reading

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Friday gifdump Part III

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Well, so much for that myth

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Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

-Elmo Back when I was in the army I roomed with a couple of black GIs for a few months and I was the only white boy in the room. Nice guys and we got along well, but their music … Continue reading

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Strange folks, those hindus

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U.S. Special Operators Want a Tiny Assault Rifle

U.S. special operators are in the market for a tiny assault rifle. Finding a weapon that meets the proposed requirements could be difficult, but not impossible. In fact, it actually looks like a gun company has already shown one to … Continue reading

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Bracken – The Patrol Bike

I used to jog a few times a week for cardio until I passed age sixty and my knees said no más. Since then I’ve switched to cycling instead, which doesn’t bother my knees in the least. Obviously there are … Continue reading

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Corps prepares for ‘an unprecedented amount of water’ headed down Mississippi River

Army Corps of Engineers officials in Louisiana aim to open a historic flood control structure above New Orleans on Tuesday for an unprecedented second time in one year. “It’s an unprecedented amount of water that’s coming down,” David Ramirez, chief … Continue reading

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