438 years, but only because torture is illegal

(WALA/Meredith) — A Georgia father was sentenced to 438 years in an Alabama penitentiary for his part in raping, sodomizing and sexually abusing two of his own children a dozen years ago.

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5 Responses to 438 years, but only because torture is illegal

  1. ChuckN says:

    White privilege in action. If only he had claimed to be an illegal alien.

  2. Gordon says:

    Only 438 years. Glad they didn’t sentence him to life. I bet he will get a lot of lovin’ in the joint.

  3. Eric says:

    I will never understand why we, as a society, allow certain people to exist, even after it is proven they are monsters.

    All rapists and kiddie diddlers (actual pedos, not an 18 year old that has sex with his 2-days before she’s 18 girlfriend – you know what I mean) should be hanged, Same goes for anyone that intentionally abuses animals (that’s how serial killers start, folks).

  4. scott doe says:

    The fuckin Left is trying to make pedophilia right up there with all their other gay shit, mark my words in time they’ll be adding “p” to the LGBTQ thing and start demanding special rights for those sick fuckers……….just wait till he gets to the joint, i hope he gets a beating and a fucking every single day

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