Angel strikes again

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  1. brighteyes says:

    Ya know there are some things one would think were near impossible. Near, is the working word if anyone wants to inform me nothing is impossible. This is one of them. How to hell do you have a head on collision in a parking lot that size, that empty at 25 mph. The only answer can be, She was in my way and she wouldn’t move over. Every one needs to get out of my way, me first. Unfortunately, I see this behavior all the time. I like the ones that pull in front of you and pretend they never saw you. Hell they look right at you and pull out in front of you.

    • Bert says:

      The Supreme Irony: they know how to select their dream car, they know how to select just the right lingerie, they know how to spread their legs so hubby will buy it for them, but they sure as hell can’t drive the damn thing once they get it.

  2. Paul B says:

    White car was in the wrong. Idiots

  3. Judy says:

    How much you want to bet cell/smart phones were involved? Cause it is obvious either or both parties were not paying attention to what was going on around them.

  4. Old Gray Wolf says:

    Well, we let them vote…

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