Break out the beer and hush puppies

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — One Kentucky fisherman has a whale of a fish story.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says Glynn Grogan, of Arlington, caught a 106.9-pound state record blue catfish from the Ohio River below Olmstead Lock and Dam in far west Kentucky. It happened in Oct. 2018.

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3 Responses to Break out the beer and hush puppies

  1. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    This had to have been a “catch & release”, because anyone in their right mind wouldn’t eat fish from the Ohio River, especially in Western KY after the shit and chemicals dumped in it from Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Cincy, Big Lou, Evansville, & Paducah.

  2. DixieDennis says:

    I saw a picture of the old record fish. It was like a pound lighter than that hog. Guy that caught it was in a boat, by himself, and was a paraplegic. He got that fucker in the boat by himself. Caught on the Ohio, just up stream near Smithland close to 20 years ago.

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