Coming soon to your local public school

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  1. Bob M says:

    Remember what Mark Train said about lawyers? That every six months you needed to take one out and hang them, doesn’t matter which one? Just to keep the rest in line? That should also apply to school board members. And city counsel members. And any of these so-called official groups that make the rules. Hell, maybe hang them all and just start over with a clean slate.

    • Tree Mike says:

      Bob M for president. Tree Mike

    • Jstwaiting says:

      Bob M gets my vote. We are way overdue for a thorough house cleaning.

    • ah64dulce says:

      Bob gets my vote too

    • H says:

      Hanging one of the bastards every so often is a good start but (a) one every six months won’t hardly make a dent on their overall population and (b) if you made that execution by public firing squad, people would be lined up to do their civic duty and you wouldn’t have to pay the hangman. Just sayin’.

  2. Jack says:

    Gender Pretender(Z)
    Nothin more nothin less
    Livin in the land of make believe

  3. Plankton67 says:

    We would do well to return to a society based upon shame & honor as societal/familial/social forces to shape behavior into something that allows for a national future. The Weimar-level degeneracy inherent in twinks running around in Sailor Moon type outfits is not in keeping with a society that values its future. I really don’t give a damn what they do at home, but this sort of thing is an active measure to re-baseline what is acceptable.

    Peaceful, steady social pressure and societal expectations expressed daily are far better and much more lasting at countering this social, political and spiritual subversion.

    • WestcoastDeplorable says:

      They’re pushing to make pedophilia an acceptable practice. Wouldn’t have believed that 5 years ago, but I do now.

      • Rick says:

        Genesis 19 speaks of this, how men will prefer men even over young virgin women. Have you ever wondered how it got to be that way? Wonder not, for the wickedness of this world knows no boundary.

        It won’t stop with pedo because it is not about pedo, it is about all manner of deviancy but labeled as ‘freedom of expression’ , or ‘civil rights’ and so on. You can expect the push will be for bestiality then go further into every unnatural thing expressly for the pleasure of every kind of deviancy.

  4. Tsgt Joe says:

    A lot of our problems come from letting others take care of our responsibilities. The corporal works of mercy are;feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, visit those in prison, care for the sick and bury the dead. We pay our taxes and let the government(including school boards) handle things, then get pissed at the outcomes. As a group conservatives are too passive, not feeling compelled to inflict their views on others, progressives, like evangelicals of any stripe, do feel compelled to inflict their views on everybody.

  5. joeDick says:

    Just a typical amime schoolgirl costume. Could be a straight guy horsing around or a gender bender using the proper facility. Doubtful it’s a female of any sort. Have a good laugh.

  6. Goy George says:

    Maybe start paying attention to the surnames attached to the legislation that subverts out nation? I think you will find a pattern. Otherwise, enjoy the globohomo agenda in silence.

  7. Your Honor says:

    Speaking as a small town Mayor, Bob is right, but Tsgt Joe is MUCH MORE RIGHT, sit in your homes expecting others to do what you wish over time is foolish. It’s similar to PT do it while you can! Get out there while you can and influence the process. I and my family take the heat for you, leftist lawsuits, intimidation, harassment while you talk tough on the internet. If this doesn’t describe you mea culpa if it does be honest enough to find a mirror and step up… Go to the next Council meeting and let them know you exist, respectfully so they know you can influence others and your a force to be reckoned with..

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