Eat your fruit, don’t drink it

Many sugar-sweetened beverages have little to no nutritional value and lots of calories, and their harmful health effects have been well-documented. Now, a study links drinking too many sugary beverages — and even 100% natural fruit juices — to an increased risk of early death.

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14 Responses to Eat your fruit, don’t drink it

  1. warhorse says:

    breathing is linked to an early death.

    everything will eventually get you killed, including doing nothing. stop fucking stressing out about shit. do what you like, but not so much other people go “dude, you ought to ease up” and you’ll be fine.

    • rayvet says:

      Yup. Agreed. As I sprayed round up on my ranch the other day I was thinking, OMG I’m going to die of cancer. Then said WTF, and continued with the operation.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Almost like the “State of California has declared this to be a carcinogen” stickers that show up on everything.

    • MMinLamesa says:

      That’s a ridiculous outlook. Why isn’t it prudent to avoid known health risks? Of course we’re all going to die but don’t you want to have a relatively active senior stretch? I see so many people in the grocery store with shopping carts full of processed foods including cases of pop or juices with huge guts. Sugar is death and in some form or another, it’s added to almost every thing.

      We now have Type 2 diabetic children. This form of diabetes is 100% due to diet and decades ago was virtually unheard of.

      Do what you want, I could care less but if I was king and you were racking up huge medical costs that were preventable because of your lifestyle choices, I’d either drop your ass from coverage or make it so fucking expensive, you’d think hard & long about continuing them.

      • warhorse says:

        the one big killer you’re going to incur with that sort of thinking is STRESS.

        stress will kill you faster and harder than anything else. and when you’re stressing out about every single goddamned thing that comes along that might, in a lab, give a rat cancer when he eats the equivalent of 40 tons of it a day, the killer isn’t the stuff you eat. it’s the stress you constantly have about the stuff you’re eating. “OH MY GOD THIS WILL GIVE ME CANCER DIABEETUS DANDRUFF HAMMER TOE WONKY EYE ACNE BRAIN FOG AND MAKE MY FARTS SMELL REALLY BAD” is playing over and over in your subconscious. that’s WAY more damaging to everything than the stuff you’re actually eating.

        go down the list. find me a thing that I can eat that sometime in the last 40 years someone didn’t say “yeah that’ll give you cancer”. good luck.

        • crazyeighter says:

          Yep. Something you eat/drink/smoke/do is going to kill you. It might as well be something you enjoy.

  2. singlestack says:

    Fruit juice is nothing more than flavored sugar water, especially if the pulp is removed. Pulp has some value as insoluble fiber which is good for the colon. It isn’t enough to offset the bad effects of the sugar water though.

  3. Scruff says:

    what next,beer? I’ll live until I die.

  4. Sanders says:

    After reading the negative effects of drinking and smoking, I decided to quit reading.

  5. Tactless Wookie says:

    A glass of orange juice has as many calories as a can of regular Coke.

  6. Aaron says:

    My favorite fruit drink is lemonade that I make and I ain’t making it without sugar.

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