Friday gifdump Part II

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  1. larryw says:

    #1. Notice the weather stripping has been removed for your convenience.

    • M. Sage says:

      I’ve seen a piece flat plastic kind of like banding material folded in half work. My favorite one is a long piece of brake line that’s got a loop of cable run through it. Bendable to reach the lock. The loop eye is run through a piece of rubber so it gets a good grip.

      The easiest way, though, is to use something to reach in and push the unlock button since almost every car these days has power locks.

  2. Seneca III says:

    Number 13 is ‘Obsidian’…extruded igneous rock often used by ancient people to make cutting tools, spear and arrow heads either alongside flint or instead of.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve got a fist sized chunk of it in my display cabinet.

      • Rick says:

        Kenny, I reckon you are familiar with the line of volcanic domes just east of 395 south of Mono Lake and north of Mammoth. From there I have gotten clear, blue, red, green, and of course black obsidian. One of the domes features a high amount of pumice which has many uses.

        The strangest obsidian I have is not its features but where I found it. On an ocean beach at a river mouth. What’s strange about that is there is no naturally occurring obsidian anywhere close to the central coast. So, I figure the coastal Chumash traded with various tribes reaching right back to Mono. That is interesting considering the mountain ranges trend north/south which would not favor east/west trade.

        Enjoy your weekend in the pokey. Here’s to more good stories!

        • Wirecutter says:

          I had a boss out at the warehouse that roamed the same country I did north of the area you described, and he told me of a small mountain in the badlands near Masonic where he found blue glass like rocks. There was no coating on them, and they were in rounded chunks the size of his fists. He had them analyzed and it turns out they were obsidian.
          I’ve also got a slab of orange and black zebra striped obsidian that I picked up near Mono Lake, and a rockhound that I knew told me that was found in only one region in Arizona. Don’t know if a tourist dropped it, a miner from the old days, or if the Indians traded it.

      • James says:

        I used to have a nice size obsidian in my collection. Until I realized moving 800 lbs of rocks every time I moved was tiring me out. Now there is a big pile of rocks from all around the world sitting next to the river on a bush camp I no longer own. It will fuck somebody’s mind up sometime when they find them.
        Rocks from Australia, Pitcairn Island, Galapagos, Ethiopia, the Himalayas, British Colombia, the Dolomites, the Andes,.. all sitting in Central Ontario next to Beaver Creek. Willing to sell the GPS coordinates!

    • Unclezip says:

      I have an egg-shaped piece of that which weighs in at 80+ pounds.

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