I’m sure she’s taken, men

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13 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Holy shit, the chick on the exercize equipment based on her face alone would cause
    me to bury my head so far up her crack that I could lick the snot off her nose!

    Then I realized that her thighs could crush my skull like a fucking grape. For once,
    I have seen an ACTUAL female body builder who has not been soaked in male
    hormones to the point that her tits were as flat as a preindustiral Hillbilly washboard.

    I am sporting a world class boner at the sight of this woman because she managed
    to build muscles that most men would die for without sacraficing her feminity.

    See the movie Skin Deep starring John Ritter and you will understand!

  2. RonM says:


  3. cap'n fast says:


  4. Skipperdaddy says:

    #3 Lou Feriggno with a twat.

  5. JamesD says:

    How many times are you going to punish us with #5?

  6. Peter says:

    #1: I know she’s taken, but what about the woman?

  7. formwiz says:

    4 needs to get out the SPF50 or her tush (very nice BTW) is going to feel like the steak.

  8. Paul B says:

    What’s up with the fat one?

  9. Critter says:

    The hitchhiker is apparently not taken.

  10. Jason Loebbaka says:

    I think +9 is Selena Gomez

  11. Macumazahn says:

    No.2 is #1. No slutty sleaze, just gorgeous.

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