I’m sure she’s taken, men

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14 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. brighteyes says:

    Something you see all the time and I’ve never got. On number three, what ta hell is the finger in the mouth all about. Do some men find that a turn on? To me it’s an expression of, Hey look at me I’m so fuckin stupid. Seen it all my life and never got it.

  2. Skip says:

    Enough to keep Luis busy for awhile…maybe.

  3. H says:

    I’m at the age where #4 is the most attractive because of the operative term “working”. You go, girl.

  4. fatman says:

    man you gotta give us a heads up when you post shit like #8 and #15

  5. nonncom says:

    Wat is it about women in polka dots….dresses AND bikinis….

  6. samoore says:

    I had to laugh when I saw you’d included Miss Trailer Trash 2019.

    I’m sure she’s been taken many times.

    • SgtBob says:

      I looked at the woman at the trailer as, “Good morning, Ma’am. I’m here to conduct an inspection of your plumbing and gas connections. It is a free service.” But, hey, you want to turn it down, okay.

  7. formwiz says:

    2 would never be boring.

    And 5.

    And 6.

    (yeah, I know…)

  8. Frankie says:

    No way they are all taken!!

  9. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    #6 from the bottom could be Amy Adams younger sister. Some of these girls may have big titties but when you look at their eyes there’s something missing. Like a personality.

  10. FaCubeItches says:

    Ok, so #20 is a ginger and would steal my soul. Still probably worth it.

    #23 is Niece Waidhofer

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