More of Ft Lewis biting the dust

JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, Wash. – As Joint Base Lewis-McChord has continued to grow and change around them, 193 buildings on JBLM North have remained mostly untouched throughout their 78 years here. Now, after outlasting their projected lifespan of five years, the buildings, known as D Block, will be demolished over the next year to make room to support new base requirements.

After securing funding for the project last year, asbestos abatement and lead paint removal began in the fall. The demolition started May 6 and is slated to last through November.
Originally built in only 90 days in 1941, D Block was part of a 1,000-building cantonment that housed Soldiers training for World War II. The buildings weren’t only barracks, but mess halls, post exchanges, chapels, libraries and theaters.

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9 Responses to More of Ft Lewis biting the dust

  1. Cavguy says:

    The first time I hit the old WWII barracks it was a connection for me with my dead father. I was filled with pride and a sentimental feeling. He landed on the beaches of Normandy 9 June, 5th Armor Division. For me it was early reception for basic training on Ft. McClellan, Alabama June 1980.

    The last time I was billeted in this type of barracks was summer of 2007 on Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania. Was train up for Iraq a few months before MOB site.

    I loved the wood how it smelled and creaked, and to wonder how many soldiers had passed thru. Sad to see history bulldozed.

    Living museums keep these alive. There is one in Cape henlopean State Park in Delaware. Was a location of gun in-placements and targeting towers. The mission was to protect the mouth of the Delaware Bay. If your inclined go to the state park web site and look for Fort Miles.

    Thanks Ken,


    • tripseven says:

      Thanks to both you and your father for your service!

    • Bert says:

      Cav, the kids these days who are slowly taking over have no interest in past sacrifice, duty, or honor.

      I was reading a planning report on upcoming highway projects and ran across a term I had never heard before: Environmental Justice Area.

      I think we are pretty close to The Monkeys Running the Zoo.

      • Cavguy says:

        There is no justice to be had thru the government. It’s only at the end of things employed by free men, rope/gun come to mind.


  2. WL Moses says:

    North Fort was always a dump

  3. PhilinPueblo says:

    I took basic training on North Ft Lewis in 1970. Those buildings were ancient then and I’m surprised they lasted this long. Cold, wet, miserable place. Great times (not).

  4. Lt. says:

    I stayed in them for LDAC Summer of 2007. One of my fondest memories. Thanks for putting this up, sad to see them gone.

  5. Griffin1340 says:

    A lot a memories in WW2 era barracks from my first exposure as a ‘holy shit..what did I do?’ private right off the bus in Ft Benning’s Harmony Church to my time at Ft McCoy WI.
    Some good memories..some not so. But I wish I could do it all again !

  6. Noveske Lou says:

    That’s where Ranger Indoctrination Training (RIP) was located for the 2nd Battalion. I won’t say those were good memories – three weeks designed to get 50% of the guys to quit – but certainly some twinges about their being torn down. Guys who flunked out were kept for 3-4 months before transferring out and used for labor details. That way those in the unit didn’t have to cut grass or paint rocks. They had a complete Vietnamese tunnel system dug between the North Fort RIP buildings in the early 80’s. Gotta do something to smoke people and kill time

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