Oh, for fuck’s sake…

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A thief who breaks into an unlocked car in California can not be charged with burglary, but a new bill is trying to close that loophole; however, the California Public Defenders Association worries this bill could unfairly target homeless people looking for shelter.


So using this sense of reasoning, it’s not breaking and entering if a thief uses a window that wasn’t latched to break into your house.
I prefer Tennessee’s reasoning: If somebody breaks into your house, it’s reasonable to assume they’re there to do you harm, so it’s legal to shoot.

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4 Responses to Oh, for fuck’s sake…

  1. Macumazahn says:

    “it’s not breaking and entering if a thief uses a window that wasn’t latched to break into your house”
    Indeed. A house I rented had a patio door with a defective latch. The spring was broken and the latch would occasionally fall open just from the vibrations of a passing truck. One light burglars crept into the house while I slept and made off with a few items. When I reported it to the cops, they told me that since nothing had been broken to gain access, it wasn’t breaking-and-entering. Aside from taking down all of MY information so they could run ME for wants/warrants, their idea of “protect and serve” was to do NOTHING AT ALL. Oh, I almost forgot – they did take down a list of what had been stolen, just in case they might trip over it someday – and they gave me the number of the police report, so I could provide it to my insurance carrier.
    Thanks for nothing, flatfoot! Perhaps if I’d been murdered in my bed, then maybe they’d have set down that donut and made an investigation. I lost a lot of my respect for the police that day.

    • hermit says:

      You lost respect for Armed Government Workers?

      Where did you get that to begin with?

      Really, unless they can bill you/fine you/imprison you, keep their pensions funded, and keep the catch and release going, WHILE ignoring the fact you are a victim of the JUSTICE SYSTEM and THE CRIMINALS, YOU and I are screwed.

      Open the borders, etc……….

      and prepare.


  2. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    It’s becoming harder and harder to put up with this liberal horseshit here in SoCal.

  3. M. Sage says:

    “Wah, a homeless person might just be breaking into your car for shelter!”

    Fuck them. They want shelter, they can drop the drugs and get a fucking job. My ride isn’t a homeless shelter, and I’ll take a baseball bat to anybody who mistakes it for one.

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