People are going to die like flies

Manteca is scrambling to get an emergency plan in place after being told by PG&E they will cut off electricity to the entire city for up to five days when conditions in high risk areas in the Sierra in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties warrant it during the upcoming wildfire season.

Manteca Fire Chief Kyle Shipherd advised the City Council Tuesday PG&E contacted the city to tell them the transmission line that serves Manteca will be de-energized for up to five days when high winds and conditions make the start of destructive wildfires more likely. Had the policy — in response to the November fire in Butte County that killed 85 people and burned 14,000 homes as well as 5,000 additional structures that the company concedes, and state fire officials contend, improperly maintained power lines triggered — been in place for the past two years Manteca would have experienced three complete blackouts ranging from one to five days.

The warning is also being issued to other valley cities that are far from wildfire prone areas but are along transmission lines that serve such areas.


Manteca’s just 10-15 miles up the road from where I used to live.
Five days without power – that means no air conditioning in the summer where it’s typically 100+ degrees for 30 days or more days at a time. No food refrigeration, no AC, no fans… and this is in a state where people are too damned stupid to take a cold shower to cool off. Oh wait, I forgot – water there is too precious to waste on using it to keep from heatstroking, and that’s if there’s enough power to pump it to their houses.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Man, I went through the ‘Lite’ version of this just a few days ago. South Texas locale receiving Gulf of Mexico winds (hot ‘n humid), but only lost our 23 year old central A/C system, all other electricity was connected. Sucked donkey nutz big time ! Took two days – one night to get the unit ordered and installed – we weren’t messing around, fix that bastard NOW !!

    Wife and kids went to nearby motel, but someone had to stay to allow A/C techs to work so I voted myself in for that. Yes – cold water showers every couple of hours in day time and frequent outside errands to nearby A/C spaces. Kept two 2 litre bottles of water in fridge, because I was going through a bottle every couple of hours. Night time, indoor temp was 90 degrees and two outside windows to ventilate. I slept about 4 hours after taking last minute cold shower, then woke up sticky and stinky. Never have I spent the four grand and change so gratefully.

    My condolences for Manteca residents – embrace the suck. Watch the elderly and very young – they can get sick really quickly if you aren’t paying attention.

    • lineman says:

      Now imagine there is nowhere to go and your power isn’t coming back on…Think your family could survive that heat for multiple days…

    • Butch says:

      Oh give me a break. We live west of San Antonio and had the same heat and humidity with the Gulf Breeze a-blowin’ and I just turned the A/C on Wednesday because my wife’s hot flashes were keeping her from sleeping. Shoot! Night time lows were down in the low 80’s that’s almost cool enough to need a sheet over ya.

      Don’t know where anon is, but when I was growing up in South Texas we had no A/C at home, schools, church and most small shops. The larger stores were cooled, but our High School had about 1000 kids in it in 1964 when I graduated and all we had was heat for the winter and Gulf Breezes for the summertime. And Humidity? Yeah, that’s what makes the heat tolerable. You get good and sweaty and then stand in the shade and let the Breeze cool ya down.

      Maybe Anon is a yankee.

  2. DCE says:

    What did they expect when the All-Knowing-State put up regulatory roadblocks that decrease the ability of utilities to do things like cutting back brush and other growth from utility rights-of-way. The All-Knowing-State also uses those same roadblocks to make it difficult for utilities to maintain their transmission lines in places like that, just adding to the likelihood that the power lines could spark wildfires.

    Rather than being liable for millions/billions in fire damages, it makes sense for the utilities to solve the problem by cutting power along those transmission lines during high winds mixed with dry vegetation. That the power might be out for days on end is not the utility’s problem under those circumstances, is it?

    Other areas out west don’t seem to have these problems. Then again, those other areas allow the utilities to do what is necessary to prevent the problems seen in California. The problems in California are caused by California’s government.

    • lineman says:

      This will really chap your ass the state forced PGandE to file bankruptcy because the state had backstopped the companies insurance and would of had to pay out billions that they didn’t want to spend on their own citizens but instead fund illegals…

    • Butch says:

      It is the people who live in those areas who is at fault. Everyone needs to be living in “stack-m & pack-m” high-rise housing in the highly populated areas where everyone can be controlled better.

      Don’t agree? Just read Agenda 21.

  3. Paulo says:

    We get new people moving to where I live, (BC West Coast) that have no emergency supplies. None. No generator, no water, no first aid kits. They have no woodstove or firewood. I believe the story and agree withy your comments. In fact, people will die because they are too stupid to live. In storm season we have lost power for a week or more. The newcomers just leave or bunk with someone. My wife and I put on weight. LED lights, satt radio, wood heat, well, freezers full of food, generator to recharge every few days, lots of books, things to do. It’s a nice break, if the truth be told.

    • Paulo says:

      Forgot to add rum, rye, and beer to the list. Beer kept cool in the river or just outside if it’s winter.

  4. lineman says:

    Yea people’s insurance is going to keep going up, up, and up…

  5. arc says:

    This just in, generators sold out.

    Pro tip from someone handy with computers… an 80 – 120MM fan will run for a few hours on a 9v battery. If you got nothing else, it will let you sleep at night.

  6. Daryl says:

    That’l teach em to sue over wild fires.

  7. Will says:

    Just when you think this state cannot get more batshit crazy…stupid MFers are going to kill people with idiotic policies like this.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    The thing about this that pisses me off is lots of California progressives in these counties who hear about this will haul ass, move to my conservative enclave and fuck it up. Let’s start a go-fund-me page to pay to upgrade their electric infrastructure and keep ’em in their Socialist sewer.

  9. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Part of the solution to these underbrush-caused wildfires is goats. 100’s of goats. Were anyone to actually endeavor to fix the problem instead of just bitch about it.

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