Reasons to shop for your gun needs is on its next mission – Mission for the Mighty. Prominent industry brands have joined our mission to help give back through offering weeks’ worth of exclusive deals & offers with the added bonus of each purchase directly benefiting the mighty: veterans, service members, and their families.

We’ve made it our goal to raise $40,000 to be donated to Hope For The Warriors®, and we need your help. When you place an order from now until June 30th, each purchase on OpticsPlanet will trigger a donation for Hope For The Warriors®. In addition to offering some of the best deals exclusive to this event, purchases made from our featured campaign partners including: Vortex, Trijicon, SightMark, Steiner, FLIR, EOTech, Holosun, Crimson Trace, Sig Sauer, Bushnell, Inforce, CMC Triggers, Midwest Industries, Streamlight, Rise Armament, SureFire, and Hornady will increase the donation amount.


I’ve bought a lot of shit from opticsplanet over the years and not only do they have great deals, but they also have a huge selection of whatever you might be looking for whether it’s optics, gun parts, gear, whatever.
Not only that but if you get a defective part (it happens) or you’re just not satisfied, their return policy is extremely easy to use and it’s all done online. Seriously, I bought an upper that jammed on me every couple rounds so I went online, printed out the return label, mailed it back and within 10 days I had another upper in my hands.

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  1. John Eperjesi says:

    Usually the best prices on the planet for scopes and rings and mounts. I just went on their site to check on a Wilson compensator for a Springfield .45 I own and they were $20 cheaper than anyone else, along with free shipping.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Anytime I’m shopping while on a budget which is 99% of the time, I go there first.
      The upper assembly that I mentioned ended up costing me $168 because I had a 7% discount for leaving a review and I also had some store credit. Most of the other parts I already had, so basically I built an AR for just under 200 bucks, thanks to them.

  2. Josey Wales says:

    Worst shipping on the planet. Sent by mule. Still waiting…

    • Wirecutter says:

      Shit, I’ve always gotten everything I’ve ordered earlier than what they said.

    • Optics Planet says:

      Hello Josey sorry to hear that. We would like to reach out to you so we can solve this issue.

      • billy bones says:

        Yea right, they ‘sell’ stuff that they don’t have on hand, then hold up your whole order if their supplier is late or not. Not only that, they ‘ship’, meaning print your shipping labels and then ship much later.

        I even went so far as to have a dialog with the customer service and told them that I was not happy, worst online experience (bought mid December and received end of January) and that I would not shop here again, including that I would make sure to tell all of my friends not to shop there. Response: Ok, that is your prerogative.

        Not to mention they are based in IL, a known Commie state.

        • Wirecutter says:

          I’ve never had any problems with their shipping. Sure, it might take a day or two longer than what I want, but the savings negate the wait.
          It still beats the hell out of the old days when you had to fill out an order form from a magazine, mail a check and then wait 6 weeks for it to arrive.

  3. =TW= says:

    OpticsPlanet is my go-to online store. Huge selection, great service.
    Last summer: Warne rings and mags for my CZ527. Best prices on the web and fast delivery.
    Highly recommended!

  4. TwoDogs says:

    While we’re on the subject of customer service, allow me to put in a plug for Vortex optics. Ten-twelve maybe more years ago I bought a pair of Stokes Broadwing birding binos. A little nameplate on the bottom says “Made by Vortex optics”. Recently one of the retractable eyecups that you use to set eye relief for use with or without glasses stopped retracting all the way. Sent off an email to Vortex and they replied sure, send them in. Last week a box with Vortex shipping tape on it arrives and I think, “Nice. They fixed my binos.” Opened the box and the letter said “Unable to restore to acceptable performance. Replaced with current production equivalent. No charge.” Along with a brand new, $500 pair of Vortex binoculars. Wow. Just wow.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Good deal, I love people like that.
      Sig Sauer has a great return policy on their optics as well. They don’t care where you bought it or if you even have a receipt. If it’s giving you problems, call customer service. If they can’t help you fix it on the phone, they’ll replace it for you free of charge.
      I had one of their red dots that quit working. The CS guy told me how to reset it to where it would work and told me if it happened again, just to send it back for a replacement.

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