Should’ve blamed Whitey, they’d have believed him then

(CNN) — A stepfather’s account of how a 4-year-old Houston girl was abducted “changed multiple times,” and detectives with one of the investigating police departments believed the story “did not add up,” a police spokesman says.

Texas police have been looking for Maleah Davis since the weekend, after her stepfather Darion Vence reported that strangers knocked him out and eventually took off with Maleah.

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3 Responses to Should’ve blamed Whitey, they’d have believed him then

  1. Paul B says:

    Don’t even want to follow the link. Was watching the live pd feed and they had a guy from Texas looking for his daughter. I don’t want to see the same guy as I remember the girls name as Maleah

    Nope. Do not want to know

  2. Paulie says:

    This story stunk from the get-go…not even a little believable.

  3. cap'n fast says:

    reality is usually unbelievable. coulda happen. may not have. don’t know. find the child.

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