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  1. JFM says:

    We had to put keyed on the inside deadbolts on our doors when our eldest daughter was young. After the third time she got out while asleep.

    • In Massholeachusetts they made deadbolts with a key required on the inside against the building code. Too dangerous in case of fire they said.

      While our state government made the chances of a home invasion or burglary so much greater by importing degenerate criminals from the city into the suburbs with mandated ‘Low Cost Housing’.

      • Bert says:

        Aunt and Uncle lived in Detroit before it became a shithole (well, sorta before). He was a city employee and was required to live within the city limits. They had an older home from a bygone era. As they were both intellectuals they had no television but did have floor to ceiling bookcases built into every one of the downstairs rooms, and of course there were a couple thousand books-many of them semi-rare.

        Every room had a doorway complete with a heavy wood door, as was typical of that style of home. After the first time the home was broken into they put deadbolt locks on all the interior doors-the keyed on both sides variety of deadbolt. Before bedtime they would make sure every door was locked, including their bedroom door. The next time the thugs broke in they damaged the house extensively; it never was clear if it was because of all the locked doors or because there was nothing other than books to steal. The irony was that some of the rarest books-though they never could be pawned-were impossible to hang a dollar value on.

        Every time I see another one of those street view pictures of rotting homes in Detroit (or elsewhere) I think of how the greatest things America had to offer started getting attacked back in the 1960s.

        Wasn’t that about the time LBJ gave us “The Great Society”?

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