“This Ain’t Hell But I Can See It From Here” blog

The site’s been having domain issues but Rurik sent me a link where you can find it now. The link has also been updated in my blogroll.

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4 Responses to “This Ain’t Hell But I Can See It From Here” blog

  1. Did he get deplatformed for “wrong think” like heartiste.wordpress.com did? Hope you’re well insulated from WP and their ever changing TOS designed to shut down people like us.

  2. Steve says:

    Is that some more of those anticonstitution folks dining around?


  3. nines says:

    Thanks for the link. Kids don’t believe me about what it used to take to become what we now call a SEAL, and top post when I clicked over was evidence, big as heck.

    Too many kids out there with NO idea about courage and love, about how love over fear produces heroes and makes humanity better. Could be endocrine disrupters and the ceaseless din of mindfuckers, or both, but we need to be able to illustrate for the ones who aren’t too far gone.

  4. RosalindJ says:


    Been wondering where they’d gotten to.

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