This shit would’ve gotten me sent to bed hungry

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  1. T. Rose says:

    Of course that’s after the ass whipping!

  2. Frankie says:

    This behavior would have not worked out very well for me either! It’s 2019 so…..

  3. WDS says:

    “This shit would’ve gotten me sent to bed hungry”
    Me too, and with a blistered ass.

  4. Back woods okie says:

    I would of hoped it would be my ass, it was usually what ever my old man could get to first. Head, back ,ass. And you didn’t duck or run, then it was really gonna hurt. Lol. I can laugh about it but back then it sure wasn’t funny

  5. pigpen51 says:

    My parents always thought me and my ex were too strict with my kids. But I never once had them misbehave in public, or shopping, etc. They don’t raise themselves. If they do, you get college students who need safe spaces.

  6. brighteyes says:

    The thought would have never entered my mind. You utilized manners, you ate it all and after asking to be excused took your plate and silver to the kitchen. It was called learning respect and being thankful for the food you had been served.

  7. brighteyes says:

    Then again, What ta hell is the shit being served on that table?

  8. WoodBurner says:

    Sent to bed….
    Hungry, yea…
    Blistered ass, yea..
    And my mind right.

    Never should have got to this point.

  9. tallow pot says:

    Calimari? A little bit of wine for the tyke? Is this in Greece?

  10. the other other Andrew says:

    And my parents would have served me my dinner for breakfast, lunch, next dinner until the last dregs of it were gone.

    Fortunately, my parents cooked good food and only once in a while cooked stuffed eggplant or stuffed peppers.

    And after one or two times of having ‘bleh’ for your followup meals, you learn to eat it no matter what.

  11. Brenda says:

    It’s difficult when your grand children do that. We had to stop them at the front door and remind them that Grandma and Grandpa have RULES. They would stand at the door and list them off to us before we let them in while my daughter and her husband listened. (WHO raised that girl???) Pray before we eat, bottoms in the chair, legs OFF the table, use the silverware correctly and take your plate and utensils to the sink. We always cooked what they wanted to eat because, grand children! We had to swat them on the knee once in awhile to remind them but they did pretty well. The two grand daughters are now 11 and 12 and are turning out better than I thought they would. The worst might still be coming though! The teen years are coming.

  12. Judy says:

    Yeah, you sat up straight in the chair, ate what was served, said please and thank-you, kept your elbows off the table and didn’t use your thumb to shovel food onto your fork. But my mother would have never served calamari.

    I look at that scene and if the kid is being quiet, what’s the problem? The kid is not running all over the place being a nuisance. What I won’t abide with is a fit. You don’t want to eat what is served? Fine, just don’t be an ass about it. You can even tell me you don’t want any, but do so in a civil tone and don’t make a scene.

    What I don’t understand is if you are in a restaurant, why didn’t you order something the kid would eat? Then, when the kid got full, why didn’t you, the adult, have something for the child to entertain itself with like pencil and paper or a book? I see this as a fail on the part of the adults involved.

  13. Butch says:

    I would like to know what interior designer came up with that fucked-up looking wall texture “look”.

    It just looks like random, gay expression bull shit. It needs to be scraped off and done properly.

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