Uh-oh, we may be fucked

The price of pork around the world is set to soar as the outbreak of a deadly virus sweeps China and surrounding countries necessitating the cull of millions of animals.

Experts say the epidemic of African swine fever is set to have as big an impact on the world meat industry as Bovine spongiform encephalopathy – or mad cow disease – which swept the world in the 1990s.

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  1. Joe Blow says:

    AND…. China owns a huge piece of the commercial pork farming industry here in the US.
    Buy local, now more than ever. Tell them you’ll be back to fill your freezer next year, too.

    • Sanders says:

      Yep, they own Smithfield.

      • churchladyiowa says:

        Sanders, we have a very large Smithfield plant in my town. Largely staffed by Hispanics, Sudanese, and who knows what else. Niece of ours works there and she said the latest thing coming down the pike is that they’re going to discontinue all production of ham. They only plan to do bacon. Hubby worked out there for 13+ years and says that’s a signal that it could be the beginning of the end.

        Chinese feed their native hogs garbage which is why their meat tastes so shitty. Which is why they bought our plant whose hogs are raised locally on corn & grain.

  2. Scruff says:

    a life without bacon? not much to look forward to.

  3. Sanders says:

    My buddies and I found a bunch of wild boars when we were out duck hunting. I reckon it is about time to go cull that herd….

  4. Kevin A Kapalko says:

    And here is one of the many peoblems with industrial farming and cafos. We buy a pig and a 1/4 cow from a local farmer who butchers less than 20 a year. We know and trust him. His product is amazing.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Maybe a Muslim gambit to accelerate the destruction of western civilization.

  6. larryw says:

    This has been a problem in China pig farms for a looong time. Chin butchers over 1M pigs a day. They keep the pigs in huge, very densely populated pens and one sick pig can take out hundreds of thousands of animals. My company did a project to micro-tag the pigs to monitor body temp (RFID, like tagging your dog). We did the work, gave them the technology and they, being PRC, didn’t pay the bill. Software time-bombed and stopped working. Payback bitches. Oh, and more click-bait from the anti-tariff orange man bad crowds.

  7. C.R. says:

    I noticed now after the chineese bought smithfeild now the pork has something like 12 % saltwater solution pumped into it. . buy local friends !

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