Way to go, Trump

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration has signaled in recent weeks that it may seek the permanent renewal of a surveillance law that has, among other things, enabled the National Security Agency to gather and analyze Americans’ phone records as part of terrorism investigations, according to five U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

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20 Responses to Way to go, Trump

  1. Ragnar says:

    Yup. Turrusts.

    Fucking dipshit.

    Clintons? Evil. Intelligent.

    George? Stupid. But I flew for the national guard.

    All politicians should be herded to an open pit.

    No blindfold.

    Yes. I served said masters for 20 years in the USN.

    I’m “woke”.

  2. crazyeighter says:

    Maybe he’s signaling he wants to renew it, so La Pelosi and the rest will oppose it, possibly refusing to renew it.

    Let’s wait and see.

  3. Kapt Kaos says:

    I’m not at all surprised considering Trump’s policies closely resemble Bill Clinton’s.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Actually, the Patriot Act was Bush’s brainchild.

      • bogsidebunny says:

        Yup, Dubya created it after 9-11. I guess Obama thought it was a good idea too.

      • Kapt Kaos says:

        Is there any real difference between the Bush or Clinton agenda besides who they pretend to represent? I have Bush to thank for my post 9-11 red pill moment. Then we had Obama to remind us that we’re first and foremost white. Now we have Drumph to teach us a final lesson that nobody will ever represent who we are.

      • WDS says:

        And the cuckservative darling, Lindsey Graham votes to renew AND expand this crap every time it comes up.

  4. TC says:

    Anyone here still believe “Zion Don the Con” is their guy?

  5. rolldog says:

    Trump is better than Hillary. How much better, I’m not sure anymore.

  6. Elder Nerd says:

    Seriously? By telegraphing what they are doing, only makes those plotting nefarious deeds use more cloak and dagger type approaches, literally thousands of cryptographic methods that can’t be easily broken exist. Meanwhile, the rest of us continue to have our privacy violated on a big brother scale…

    That’s 3 different administrations that are perfectly ok with this gross violation… Screw draining the swamp, CAUTERIZE THE WOUND!!!

    Constitutional cancer….

    • Rick says:

      Even if you were born an idiot does not preclude the opportunity of rising above. I suspect you desired to achieve idiot status. Good news! You have succeeded.

      Are you really this misinformed?

  7. Josey Wales says:

    Hard to run them down when the enemy is inside the gate. Need not to through them over the wall but line them up against it. The one who created the situation as well.

  8. Nemo says:

    Can’t have that data center in Utah going to waste now can we? After all, .gov spent untold BILLIONS of our stolen tax dollars constructing that behemoth to further the cause of Freedom. Think of the JOBS that would be lost should they shut that down.

    Yep just like in 2015 when the magic negro lied to us yet again about how the surveillance of ordinary Americans under this law would be curtailed. I’m just waiting for the amendment that criminalizes hate speech and criticism of .gov to be added.

  9. Rick says:

    Listen up, idiots.

    First, the article is from the effing Washington Post. That is your first red flag. The actual subject is that the statute is set to expire and perhaps should be preserved until a later date. Phone spying is not actually done at this time. But the way the article is written it would be hard to find that…in fact, I had to go elsewhere to get a full sense of the issue.

    Second, the article quotes none other than Mark Warner. I would not expect every idiot to know who that is. Just take my word for it, he is a first rate buffoon allied with the enemy.

    Third, this is all based on supposition, it is ‘widely thought’ in D.C. that Trump will renew the statute. The Trump administration has NOT signaled that they have, or about to, or even thinking of, renewing the statute. Hence, the quote from Warner, ‘the administration can’t even get their act together….’

    Idiots, dis-missed!

  10. FaCubeItches says:

    Any president is screwed on this no matter what he does. Allow it to lapse, and you protect civil rights, but then get crucified for “not doing everything you could have”/”taking away existing protections” when the next big attack hits. Re-authorize it, and you effectively approve domestic spying. Lose/lose for all concerned.

  11. Djamer says:

    Dates back to 1998, Clinton, remember him? The one that was told to not let them go all the way in. . . To Baghdad! Saved for a later date. It’s all Kabuki theater, including men dressed like fish, I mean women.

  12. geoffcsaltine says:

    Rick is right, does anyone even read the link before they comment . There is not one “source” from the Trump camp in the “story” .If anyone wants to stop the spying on Americans after the last 10 years it has to be P.Trump after what he and many others have gone through.
    Fake news. Just read the stats.
    We need the NSA, its the people that abuse it that we do not need, they need to go to jail.

  13. Butch says:

    Well here’s some true story. The republican majority in the Texas House is fixing to vote in State welfare for wetbacks. The first vote was something like 92 yea to 41 nay. And our “conservative” governor appears to be all for it. Soros must have spent a large sum to buy off the entire State legislature here in Texas. I think it’s time every stinkin one needs to be hooked to a lamp post. Sonsabitchin commies!!!! makes me so stinkin mad I could spit!

    Oh and get this. The criminals won’t reduce the extortion property taxes, but promise to raise sales taxes instead. And then tell us we will all be better off for it. I got news for the commie criminals. I know of more ways to screw the State out of more money than I would ever pay in property tax and I am going to begin fucking them. And then I’ll start telling other Texans how to do it too.

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