We’ll see – I don’t put much stock in polls

Here’s some news that will never see the front page of the New York Times:

President Trump is soaring among older Millennials, according to a poll from Zogby, of all places. And that unexpected report from the left-leaning pollster just happens to coincide with the nosedive that Trump’s socialist challenger, Bernie Sanders, has taken among youth in a separate Morning Consult poll.

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3 Responses to We’ll see – I don’t put much stock in polls

  1. Daniel K Day says:

    Ever since the “Obama’s finished!!” cries when the Rev. God Damn America video came out in March ’08, I put absolutely zero credence in the significance of polls this far away from an election.

  2. Nemo says:

    polls – from the same people that predicted Hitlery in a landslide. Yep that’s believable.

    • WDS says:

      Then you have those fake “focus groups” that get paid for a specific result and favorable opinion outcome like the one Frank Luntz had for Marco Rubio when he running for president.

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