A 3 Day Adult Living Course for High Schoolers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Fern Creek High School is making sure its students are prepared for the real world with a new class called “Adulting 101.”

According to WLKY, the three day course is for seniors and was created by the school’s college access resource teacher, Sara Wilson-Abell.


When I was in high school in Kaiserslautern Germany back in the mid 1970s, they offered a full semester course called Modern Living that was actually pretty popular. It taught basic cooking, basic vehicle maintenance including how to change a tire and jump start a vehicle, checkbook balancing, how to plan a budget, pet care, smart shopping, basic first aid, and how to clean your house properly among other things. It was one of the few classes I actually attended pretty faithfully.
I thought even as I was taking the class that it ought to be a required course instead of an elective.

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8 Responses to A 3 Day Adult Living Course for High Schoolers

  1. nwoldude says:

    Is the class called “adultery”?

  2. stine says:

    Isn’t that what parents are for?

    • Larry says:

      Theoretically, but jeez you should’ve seen some of the guys in basic training. Parents can’t teach what they were never taught themselves.

  3. Skipperdaddy says:

    At 16 yrs old I enrolled in a program called Figure it the Fuck out or starve. Took over 20 yrs to graduate. Now I hold a PHfuckinD in it.

  4. Sarthurk says:

    Hey, I took a class in Jr. High, called “World of Work”. I spent a third of that semester working at three different businesses, for about two hours five days a week. My three jobs were, a college bookstore, a carpet store, and a Service station with a full mechanics shop. I ended up working at the Service Station numerous stints, in high school. By far more “entertaining” than the other two.
    I learned and knew how to work in a retail environment. I worked for several years as the shipping and receiving manager, (my crew was me), for one of the largest sporting goods chains in the Willamette valley. But I couoldn’t not make much money. So I ended up working in lumber and plywood mills. Now I’m a marine biologist. Go figure. Actually, I’m probably the lowest paid marine biologist on the planet. But I don’t care…

  5. Link to article not working….FYI

  6. anonymous says:

    Makes a lot of sense to me. I’d bet you half of the kids today have never even SEEN a tire changed along the road or parking lot. Same for push starting a car (dead battery).

    Simple breakfasts – lunches. How fix and/or replace a toilet tower and how to clear a ‘commode choker’. Replace an electric receptacle.

    A good idea – a llittle home ec. goes a long way.

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