Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

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10 Responses to Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

  1. C-90 says:

    Transport company’s insurance company, is not gonna be happy. That’s not gonna buff out.

  2. Dan says:

    That’s going to be an expensive oops…..boat like that cost as much as my house.

  3. Rick says:

    If nothing is missing from the picture, like jack stands, blocking, and such, then that was bound to happen. It was no accident.

    Kenny, like WTF! I come back after a ten day hiatus and so far have read of dumbshit after idiot, the real dregs of society. It’s stupefying. Boys, I think it’s way past time to start thinning the herd.

  4. Steve S. says:

    This is actually from a video. There was sooo much stupid in that whole thing.

  5. DCE says:

    The trucking company driver expected that soft shoulder to support the weight of the boat when the trailer wheels rolled onto it? Maybe, just maybe if there were a couple or three more axles on that trailer. But with two axles, even with dual wheels on each axle, it was highly unlikely the shoulder wouldn’t depress, shifting the load on the trailer and causing it to ‘dig in’.

  6. Don in Oregon says:

    I don’t see a lot of tiedowns.

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    Nothing to see here folks. Global warming, rising sea-levels will eventually get it to float.

  8. Cavguy says:

    I’ve got a FASS fuel system on my Dodge 3500.
    Look on the boat!

  9. SgtBob says:

    And the driver explained, “It’s still on the trailer.”

  10. Aesop says:

    $400K boat + 80 IQ driver never works out, on the water or off…

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