Boat Ramp Follies

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  1. arc says:

    Probably dad’s truck.
    Probably not covered by insurance.

  2. the other other Andrew says:

    Well, at least they left the drainplug in.

    • MartinFromGermany says:

      Hmm, I wanted to say that…and you beat me to it. Good on you!
      Anyhow, Angel will thank us both.

    • Maybe. Time will tell. I knew a guy that got all the way out of the channel and dropped anchor. He was baiting up the hooks when his son asked him if the water coming over the transom has OK?

      But I learned the hard way not to launch or recover from a ramp I didn’t know many years ago. Launched at high tide, tried to recover at low tide. At low tide I had to go down the ramp until the wheels of the trailer fell off the edge, then with the boat loaded I couldn’t pull it back up over the edge. The two hours until the tide rose enough to try again I spent trying to repair the damage to the trailers axle.
      Good times.

  3. Rick says:

    Tell ya what, if ya got a few hours to kill, grab some beer and take a seat with a good view of a boat ramp. Heck, make it a day. Any boat ramp will do.

    The man yelling at the woman behind the wheel backing the boat down the ramp is B league. The real action is all the gear and the kids in the back of the wagon/SUV as she mistakes the throttle for the brake while in reverse. Seeing the kids go drifting off clinging to the ice chest, which you know is full of beer n stuff, while surrounded by half a houseful of flotsam is priceless.

    When asshole wants to borrow your phone to call insurance, besides your other choice words, be sure to tell him how nice a day it is.

  4. Curtis says:

    This sort of thing always seems to happen when you’re in a hurry to get home. No, not dumping the vehicle in the drink, just coming into the boat ramp to find a flock of onlookers, the ramp blocked and no sign of intelligent life anywhere taking a hand in getting the ramp back open so you can get your boat loaded and go home. Having a dock was so much better than towing the boat to the water.

  5. Travis says:

    I live on a lake. When the city folks show up, well, it’s always a good time…

  6. ZombieDawg says:

    The engine dried out in “The Transporter” ☺

  7. Padawan says:

    In NH the vehicle owner has to hire a professional diver to go into the water and hitch the tow cable to the vehicle. If the state ends up paying for your stupidity they make your life fucking miserable until you repay them every last penny they spent for you.

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