“Clean up your act or we’ll go elsewhere”

Sandwiched in the middle of a marathon seven hour Oakland City Council meeting last Tuesday, Oakland District 5 Councilmember Noel Gallo dropped a bit of a bombshell on those in attendance and streaming online.

Gallo noted that Home Depot is considering closing their Oakland and Emeryville stores citing the blighted conditions caused by the sprawling homeless encampments nearby. Gallo’s District includes the Alameda Avenue Home Depot in East Oakland.


There’s nothing like going into a store to buy 50 bucks worth of tools only to come out and finding your truck’s been broken into and a thousand bucks worth of stereo and other valuables have been ripped off.

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11 Responses to “Clean up your act or we’ll go elsewhere”

  1. WiscoDave says:

    From comments:
    “What about home Depot putting some money into the community and helping to resolve the homeless situation? I won’t support a company that threatens to leave because of a homeless problem they are surely contributing to.”

    Sigh. You can’t fix stupid.

  2. Scott Doe says:

    12.7 billion to take care of 28,000 homeless? i just did my “gazintas” and that comes out to be about 453 thousand dollars a head. hey i know the cost of living is high in CA but shit …..you could buy each of those flea infested bums a condo and a place in the country! Man they don’t call it the “golden state” for nothin

    • nonncom says:

      I wonder whose pocket that went into, cuz it sure didn’t go to the homeless…..453K per person is what I came up with, too….

      • FaCubeItches says:

        Do well by doing good – the classic scam. Ever look into how much “charity” officers get paid? Or the directors of non-profits?

      • crazyeighter says:

        It’s like the proverbial $20 aspirin at the hospital; it’s not the cost of the item, it’s the cost of the delivery system, just like UH1H CE said.

      • WoodBurner says:

        Laundered, Union Dues.

  3. LargeMarge says:

    Before taking over the family farm near Eugene, Oregon, fUSA, we had rental properties in Sacramento the capitol of, variously, ‘California The Golden State™’ or ‘California The Breadbasket Of The World©’ or ‘California The Home Of The Homeless®’.

    We loathe global-banker owned anything == looking at you, Lowe’s and The Home Depot and Well’s Fargo == so we patronize local-owned hardware stores only. Parking there, parking at a local-owned grocery, parking our truck anyplace in California requires a guard to prevent garbage-dumpers from filling the backend with trash.

    California. Don’t get me started.

  4. UH1H CE says:

    Here’s the money shot: ” $12.7 Billion dollar price tag to shelter and service the estimated 28,200 homeless people in our region”. That is what “homelessness” is all about: The tax money that is needed to solve that problem. The pols create a problem, then insist we pay them to make it go away.

    The civic leaders don’t give a damn about the junkies they import or create, their objective is programs and services, which mean TAXES. That also means more government union jobs to administer and run those programs and services. Anyone ever notice how we didn’t have these types of crises until the colleges started ginning out tons of Social Workers? Now there is no problem that tax money, used to hire unionized white collar government employees, won’t solve?

    • crazyeighter says:

      How come the homeless are only a newsworthy problem during Republican administrations?

    • FaCubeItches says:

      To be fair, the “homeless” problem largely started when mental asylums were closed down starting in the 60s so that the people they housed could “live lives of dignity”. Unfortunately, most of the mentally ill who were institutionalized were there precisely because they couldn’t take care of themselves.

      Granted, some of the mental institutions – especially the state-run ones – were absolute hellholes of mistreatment, but the solution was equally hellish.

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