Communists do not like the Truth being Spoken to Them

I attended the Salisbury City Council meeting on the Fame Statue last night and spoke.

The council was suppose to remain silent and allow everyone to speak but I got interrupted by the mayor and had to edit my speech on the fly.

I also only made one of the news highlight reels, here is the link for it. WCCB NEWS

Here is my speech in full for you to read….

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9 Responses to Communists do not like the Truth being Spoken to Them

  1. Wes says:

    Thank You Sir

    • Cederq says:

      Figures, they dumped the video on the news report, you are right Wes, they do not like the truth, but the truth will set us (deplorables) FREE!

  2. CM says:

    I live about 20 min from Salisbury, and it is a shithole anyway. Most of the towns around here have become shitholes once the furniture companies moved away. There are a few little gems, and some areas are nicer than others, but still generally its just a town you drive through to get to a bigger town.

  3. MadMarlin says:

    Right on!!! Loved the ending with whitey gonna have to pack up and leave so the oppressed can feel more comfortable. Sort of like Detroit?

  4. The fact is this is about someone making someone else do something purely for the satisfaction of having done so when they succeed. AN ego game.

    If people were truly ‘harmed’ by the existence of these structures we would have seen evidence of this long ago. The negative feelings people are expressing regarding any ‘offensive’ thing has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with having the power to make people do things you want them to.

  5. Kapt Kaos says:

    I read the comments on the bottom of the link. Somehow a cultural enricher figured out how to type and spewed their 80 IQ all over the place. It’s like watching a car accident in slow motion.

    • Jeffery in Alabama says:

      80? You are being extra generous Kapt Kaos. Those aren’t really commies. As most on here know, the “green shirt wearers” are not really commies, but simply useful idiots working for the commies. Thanks for taking a stand Wes. Good luck and Godspeed.

  6. McCool says:

    I’m sure can count on Mayor ‘Al’ to make the right decision…. /sarc

  7. Jesse Bowers says:

    I read your full speech, and I wish that you’d been uninterrupted. It’s a shame that your time on the mic wasn’t recorded independent of the local news so we could get a look at how much you did get to vocalize and what was done to interrupt you. I’m hoping you run for mayor, and replace the current regime. It’s not often the liberals get replaced quick and clearly for overstepping the boundaries of civil behavior (interrupting a citizen during an open hearing because they disagree) and such a speech of good examples, delivered nice and slow without anger overtones so as to sound like Atticus Finch giving a lecture to morons, would be a fantastic video to watch. Thanks for the daily content, and terrific gif dumps!

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