For a second I thought this article was about Memphis

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A sweetheart deal on petroleum between Venezuela and Haiti ended last July, which led to a 50-percent increase in the price of fuel. In response, Haitians took to the streets, burning tires and blocking roads.

In the following months, more than 70 protesters died in the riots. Amid all this strife is a rising tide of gang violence turning some parts of Haiti into No-Go zones, even for the police.

A group of Christian missionaries traveled to Haiti in April with computers and supplies for a community center they’re helping to build.

Shortly after leaving the airport in Port-au-Prince, things went terribly wrong.

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18 Responses to For a second I thought this article was about Memphis

  1. kennymac says:

    This must be Fake News. My understanding is that the Clinton Foundation fixed Haiti.

    • Butch says:

      Well, no. Bill and hillary kidnapped enough Haitian children so that their (Clinton’s) doctors would have plenty of stem cell material to curate for injections into the Clintons. (For longevity).

      Instead of spending donation money trying to save these idiots, why don’t all these Christian do-gooders implant thousands of watermelons with chemicals to shorten life and then scatter the melons all over the country. It would do the whole world a favor.

  2. Peaowed says:

    I had the “pleasure” of living (PCS) or visiting (TDY) many shitholes over the years – Africa, India, Eastern Europe, etc… In my opinion, if you could combine the worst aspects of all those, the result would be Haiti. It is simply a shit-covered hemorrhoid on the ass of the world. There are likely worse places in the world, but Haiti is the worst I’ve experienced.

  3. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Here’s another takeaway: stay the hell out of Haiti

  4. Berglander says:

    People make the place. Memphis and Haiti are both full of…..

  5. Skipperdaddy says:

    Made Port there about 10-12 yrs ago. Nobody got off the boat, not even the brothers. Everyone on the dock had a machete.

  6. Rick says:

    That was definitely a miracle.

    And here is a great article from that same link. In the photo of the D-Day vet under canopy he looks great for a 97 yr old. Good for him getting some closure after all these years. Salute.

  7. FaCubeItches says:

    “turning some parts of Haiti into No-Go zones”

    Isn’t all of Haiti pretty much one big No-Go zone?

  8. John Coffey says:

    When asked if he had anything to say, I would have said, “Stay the fuck away from that shit-hole country and let them starve.

    • TwoDogs says:

      Speaking of starving, an article in the fishwrap this morning says Somalia is in a serious drought and upwards of 2 million of them could starve this summer. Good start, I say.

  9. Sanders says:

    Mom and Dad were doing missionary work there before Klinton decided to invade and re-establish his commie buddy to power. It was always a shithole, but it became even more of a shithole after that.

    Mom almost died of some kind of medical complications there, but the Harvard graduate doctor at the Port au Prince hospital saved her life. He was able to diagnose and treat her problem and cure her where her doctors in the US could not.

    Then Dad got Hepatitis A and they came home to stay.

    Apparently, it is even worse there now than when they left.

  10. pigpen51 says:

    I am friends with a woman whose son is a cop in Memphis. We met when I was playing music, back in the early 90’s, but she dated my older brother in high school.
    She was pretty concerned when they were having all the riots back in the days of Obama. As far as I know, he is still working there. I have not asked her for awhile. But if Memphis is as bad as Haiti, it must be a Democrat stronghold, because that is where they tend to have their greatest support.

  11. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Or New Orleans. Got attacked there once and I won’t be back.

  12. drjh says:

    either an angel or Jesus Himself

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