Found your problem!


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  1. outdoorjohn2014 says:

    That’s my kind o’ troubleshooting!

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Way back 50 years ago I worked for the Bell System. Part of my job was climbing power poles. Crunchy, crusty squirrels were common place. They’d chew the insulation off a 15 KV wire while standing on the bare neutral. Ya think they’d learn.

  3. Tom MacGyver says:


  4. samoore says:

    A few years ago I got in my car to drive home from work. The car started and ran fine, and then warning after warning started coming up on the dashboard — transmission fucked, no oil, brakes fubar — you name it.

    Called for a tow to the dealer, almost 40 miles away, and left it.

    The next day I got a call telling me that the wiring harness had been chewed in four places. Insurance paid for the tow, and all but $250 of the repair.

    I had parked near the treeline of the lot, and the soy-based insulation (that all German cars have) attracted the field mice.

    Last time I parked anywhere near there.

    A week later a co-worker had the same thing happen to her Kia.

    • grayman says:

      Try putting cayaene pepper on the wiring all over the engine bay they do not like it. You will have to reapply from time to time but it is cheaper than paying to fix it every time. I know I made good money repairing wiring harness.

      • samoore says:

        After that, I found a recipe online and mixed up a pepper batch.
        Sprayed the wheelwells, and engine compartment every week during the spring and summer.

      • rocketride says:

        There’s a commercial preparation called ‘Critter Ridder’. (For those who don’t have time or are too lazy to roll their own.)

    • Nemo says:

      About a week after I purchased my current vehicle, I got in it to do some errands. Cranked it, it wouldn’t start. Opened the hood to find a squirrel’s nest on top of the engine and the wiring for all four injectors chewed off. Turns out the wiring insulation plastic is conditioned with peanut oil. Since I got it back after being repaired, I park in the garage.

  5. KurtP says:

    Those are the same colored wires, so I’m guessing they’re the same phase- unless he’s got his back feet on a grounded box.

  6. Skip says:

    As an old sparky I could tell you stories about pelicans, rats, mice, cats, etc. Worst one was copper thieves. Burned up two of ’em and put most of the town out.

    • whynot says:

      beginning of my career, had a copper-thief dropped off at the ED….DEAD. Burn marks on his hands, no shoes and blow-out on his foot (big toe, missing; sorry don’t remember which foot)……the thing that struck me was (besides us working the code) was no flash for IVs, so trauma did a cut-down to get access. Even that wasn’t successful, so they opened up a vein —- all congealed….code was called

  7. Jim says:

    Talk about a dead short!

  8. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Back in the 80’s I was trying to keep a bankrupt major market FM Radio station on the air as its Program Director and Sales Manager. We only had a contract engineer who “might” show up hours after you called him, so although I’m not an FCC licensed engineer, I know a little. And the deal was this ‘mitter site was way up the mountain on fire roads. I had a 2WD, so if it was raining I had to walk up the mountain in the mud. Anyhoo, the station was on the backup transmitter which had been cannibalized of parts the previous engineer took in return for the station’s non-payment of his fees, and the side barriers had been taken off.
    Anyway, I’d get a call (always at 3 in the morning) “We’re off the air!” and would trudge up the mountain to remove the carcass of the lucky rat who crawled in and shorted it out. Kill the breaker, throw out the rat, replace the 50 amp Buss fuses, let the ‘mitter elements warm up and presto, we’re back out there. Now I wish I’d taken pictures!

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