Friday gifdump

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  1. tallow pot says:

    #1 Happens more often than you’d guess. Don’t trust your GPS or little oriental ladies from Vancouver B.C.

  2. CC says:

    Cars, Trains & Morons?

  3. Alein says:

    Train ALWAYS has the right of way.

  4. Paul B says:

    Never stop on rr tracks. Or for that matter even go near them when drunk

  5. OD says:

    dang ! …. owls sticks the landing. I’ve watched one that hangs in our neighborhood, amazing flight capability

    • Macumazahn says:

      Birds’ flight maneuvers look impressive as hell, but that’s only because we’re mere humans. To the birds themselves, that sort of thing is just another day at the office.

  6. Dan Patterson says:

    They’re ALL like that dude. Get one to play with, but don’t feed her or she’ll follow you home.

  7. Frank says:

    Advice on #5:
    I’ll tell the world
    Forget about it girl
    And walk like a man from you

    • Wirecutter says:

      I swear I can read her lips saying ‘Fucking asshole’.

      • Dan Patterson says:

        “Seriously. Most of the time. Most of the time you’re a fucking asshole.”
        Get another one dude, that one’s warranty has expired.

        • Shell says:

          Thanks, Dan. Like Kenny all I could clearly read was “…fucking asshole!”

          I watched my sister deliver a “The reason you suck!” speech like that, quieter and without the flowery phrasing but just as vehement, to her (by the end of it ex-)fiancee about forty years ago.

  8. Rob says:

    I wonder what she is saying?

  9. samoore says:

    One night in the late ’70’s, after an almost 4-hour ferry from Victoria to Seattle, during which my wife and I consumed mass quantities of Newcastle, I “misjudged” my turn and put the front wheels of my Firebird over some railroad tracks.

    I had enough traction to pull the car back where it belonged. Good thing, too, the tow bill and the DWI would have ruined the rest of our weekend.

    • snuffy says:

      In the 70’s, the cops might just have called you a cab and a tow truck, told you to pick it up in the AM, long as there were no injuries and no damage. Hell, I got caught toking up behind the elementary school, next to the police station in, oh hell, 78, I think, and they just made me dump it out and beat feet. I think that was before they figgered out they could make such a huge profit from busting folk for that kind of crap.

  10. Daryl says:

    Fuck it man, just go back to the bar and have another drink.

  11. M. Sage says:

    Betting the crane truck high-centered on the tracks. Break-over is a bitch.

    • Elmo says:

      Yeah, he was hung up. Doesn’t take much of a hump to stick a lowbed.
      I hope the driver had time to bail.
      Not much left of anything, was there? I’d like to see what the lead engine looked like after that.

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