Friday gifdump Part II

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12 Responses to Friday gifdump Part II

  1. SgtBob says:

    Should have been an ass kicking on the Red Sox dude.

  2. Cederq says:

    I wonder if the gal on the tread machine is like that in bed… I am in love if so.

  3. rocketride says:

    “. . . And that’s when I shot him, Your Honor. . .”

  4. rocketride says:

    What was that cat thinking?

    The girl with the bat has far exceeded the boundaries of T-ball.

  5. J-Dog says:

    Those spring machines are fascinating to watch. Amazing the stuff they are making now. I almost took a job setting up 4-slide machines (precursor to the pictured unit), but passed to stay in my apprenticeship. Curious to think where I would have ended up if I went that route.

  6. Capt. Craig says:

    I can’t believe that nobody wanted to know the make of the tape measure bottle opener.

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