Fuck police dogs

A resident of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, captured video of a K-9 unit apprehending a suspect who had been accused of choking his girlfriend. Sioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clemens defended the police dog attack, saying, “The K-9 did what it was supposed to do. The guy had been given many instructions to lay down or he was going to be bit.”
-Kenny the Scot


The unarmed suspect who was accused of domestic violence had already been pulled to the ground by the cop and was on his stomach when the the dog attacked, with its handler telling him “Good boy, good boy” the entire time the dog was tearing at him.

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15 Responses to Fuck police dogs

  1. Gryphon says:

    Let the Dog Bite your Forearm, Grab it by the Ear with your other Hand, and Jam Your Thumb into its Brain through the Eye Socket… Saw a Guy do that to a Dog that He was trying to Chase Away from the Garbage Cans, then He dragged the Dead Dog to its Owner’s House and threw it through the Dining-Room Window. Then He Sued the Guy for the Bite.
    And government Pigs and Dogs are just common Vermin.

  2. Sanders says:

    My brother was unarmed when the cops came after him for what turned out to be a misunderstanding on their part. They were going to release the dog on him when he told them if they did he’d kill the dog with his bare hands. They didn’t release the dog and when everything was done and through the courts, all charges were dropped.

  3. Chris Mallory says:

    Studies have shown that the “drug” dogs give false positives over 50% of the time at the low end and up to 80% of the time at the high end. The way the dog was used in this video should be banned under the 8th Amendment.

    If they want to use drug dogs in prisons and at ports of entry, ok. Less reason to make up excuses for searches at either of those locations.

    Using dogs for tracking and search and rescue. Sure, find lost people and bodies is not going to lead to people getting bit.

    Using dogs to sniff for explosives in appropriate areas? Again, that makes sense.

    Allowing patrol officers to use dogs as weapons against citizens. Nope, should not be happening.

  4. Dan Patterson says:

    Wait a damned minute. The guy was cooperating it looked like, and was already down. PLUS it was an accusation not a witnessed event. Some cops watch too many “cop shows” on tv. Keep us up to date on the lawsuit.

  5. Dan Patterson says:

    It’s worse on 2nd viewing; I’d like to see the other side of the story. Sit down, get kicked, get bitten, get arrested. What is the police function here?

  6. Walpurgis says:

    Well…it ain’t the dogs fault, they are trained that way. Just another cop on a power trip using a weapon (yeah, that’s what a trained K-9 is) on an unarmed suspect to get em to “respect muh authority”.

    • FaCubeItches says:

      Guy should consider himself lucky. Contempt of Cop is often a capital offense.

    • Padawan says:

      I agree with you Walpurgis. The dog was only doing what the handler told him to do. If anybody is to blame it should be the dog’s handler who had to give the dog the command to attack.

  7. Sigproshooter says:

    Ditto. I have a kid who’s a working dog handler. Blame the handler not the animal.. Kenny, you surprise me, usually more level-headed than that .

    • Wirecutter says:

      I am blaming the handler. He’s the one that pulled the guy down on his stomach and let the dog attack and then encouraged him throughout the whole deal.
      But I still don’t think the cops should be using attack dogs in everyday situations.

  8. John in SD says:

    The guy just beat the dog snot out of his girlfriend. Ran and hid in a window well. Did not listen and got bit. The dogs handler should be corrected for not controlling him. Here is a link to the local news story. https://www.keloland.com/news/local-news/sioux-falls-police-use-k-9-to-help-catch-assault-suspect/1978239383

    Sioux falls has other issues as well. Such as stacking charges.

    • warhorse says:

      it’s entirely irrelevant what the guy did. THEY HAD HIM. he wasn’t going anywhere. the dog is a weapon, and the handler just fired that lethal weapon at a guy that was as good as in custody.

      would we be arguing this if he had shot him?

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