Fuck the Feds

On January 15, 1922, THE New York Times reported that 35-year-old Robert Doyle, a veteran of World War One, was found blinded and afraid in his rooming house on West 23rd Street. A doctor conveyed Doyle to the hospital, where he died six hours later. The paper also reported the death of another local man—he had brought alcohol home from his workplace to add to his coffee. The problem was that America was in the midst of Prohibition, and he had worked at a furniture-polishing company. Both men had drunk a fatal dose of wood, or methyl, alcohol.

These deaths were part of an epidemic of alcohol poisonings that swept the country after the United States made the manufacture and sale of alcohol illegal in 1919. An illicit alcohol industry boomed, and despite increased border security, alcohol flowed in from Mexico and Canada. But some bootleggers, eager to cash in on black market prices, wanted to sell alcohol made closer to home. The government could ban the brewing of beer, but not the production of industrial alcohol, which was used to make everything from perfume to paint. So when bootleggers redistilled industrial alcohol to make it drinkable, the federal government responded by requiring manufacturers to add in increasing amounts of poison.

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3 Responses to Fuck the Feds

  1. Sanders says:

    Give women the right to vote, and what’s the first thing they do? They give the country Prohibition.

  2. mjazzguitar says:

    My father said they used to filter Sterno through bread and drink it.
    He said one guy got drunk and forgot to do it or something and died.

  3. John h says:

    My dad said the same thing but first they would empty all the compasses off of the aircraft because they were full of alcohol he said there wasn’t a wet compass onboard the carrier on any TBF avenger
    John h

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