ALGANSEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A third child who was in an Amish horse-drawn carriage that was struck by a drunken driver in southern Michigan has died, authorities said Sunday.

Two children, ages 6 and 2, died at the scene of Friday evening’s crash. A 4-year-old later died at a hospital, and another young child and a woman who were in the carriage remained hospitalized with serious injuries, State Trooper Seth Reed told the Detroit Free Press.


We’ve got a fair amount of Amish just across the Kentucky State line which is about 2 miles from my place. I don’t see them every day or even every week, but I do see them often enough to where I’m aware of them and keep an eye out for their carriages, especially on winding roads.

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8 Responses to Heartbreaking

  1. Steven Wright says:

    Scottsville is Amish and Mennonite country. Most of them are actually really cool to talk to.

  2. Kapt Kaos says:

    God bless them and protect their souls.

  3. Aaron says:

    Of when the kids are walking home from school on those twisty, curvy back country roads

  4. Rick says:

    Hush my mouth, a white boy. I was sure it was a beaner. Well, Tyler should fry. Not kidding.

  5. Up here in Hart county, they are everywhere all the time. Most folks around here share the road with no issues, but there was a bad one here about 4 yrs back. It used to happen alot more before they required them to have lights for night time.

  6. Heathen says:

    Grew up with them working for my Grandfather & Dad on the farm. When they first moved here in the mid 1950’s,they went to my school until they got their own schools built.

    They’re still here (everywhere) and neighbors to the County Coon Hunters Club where I’m a member.

    Every now and again there are collisions between the buggies and cars,our Amish communities are hard core fundamentalists. No lights, no Slow Moving Vehicle signs,only reflective tape on the back is permitted. Farm with horses,no bicycles,skates,etc. I once saw one Amishman with a TracFone standing outside the Health Center one day. Likely was using it to call his” English driver “.

    The local Mennonites drive cars ,vans & trucks. But even then, I’ve not seen one vehicle that wasn’t “plain”, Usually dark blue ,black or grey.

    “Beachy Amish” in Logan County,south of me, tend to be more modern than our “Swartzentubers” & less modern than Mennonites.

    • Wirecutter says:

      The Amish around here fly a bright orange flag above their buggies and have a warning triangle on the back.
      There were quite a few Mennonites and German Baptists in the part of California I came from and you’re right – while they drove, their vehicles were all very plain.

  7. pigpen51 says:

    Here in Michigan, on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan, we have a lot of Amish. They follow the rules for their sect, for the most part. But they do run a business, with a market selling baked goods and horse tack, etc. Almost all of it made by themselves. And all of it grade A top quality. They sell their own self built storage sheds, also, but contract a towing company to deliver them. A few years ago, a pretty young girl, anywhere from 14 to 20, I don’t remember her age, but I had seen her on the road in their horse drawn buggy before, with her siblings, was struck by a drunk driver, and killed on the spot, with 2 of her siblings also hurt. It made the entire city angry, and they came together with the Amish community to mourn this girl, even though the Amish kept to themselves, for the most part.
    They farm, as well as the businesses, with no electricity, no gasoline engines, etc. Everything is either manual labor, or horse drawn. I bought my 8×10 shed and my 8×10 deck from them, both made at their place and delivered by a towing company on a trailer. And both top quality.
    They had a fire a few years back, and lost a barn. Within a few weeks, it was disposed of, and replaced, all by themselves, with no belief in insurance, they came together and did it as a community project. It seems as if they do that all the time. They seem to have strict religious rules, but they have a simple life, that makes you wonder just who has the better life. And they have top quality firearms for hunting, and they don’t skimp on buying ammunition. They could be called the original preppers.

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