Hey, we’ve all driven beaters before, right?

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  1. Kafiroon says:

    Easy fix. Just make an open Pick-em up truck out of it.
    Put your bale of marajwana where the back seat was, tarp over it, and wide open ditribution hand ing out to the homies.

    • bob says:

      I once saw an add in the local rag for a used car with “light roll-over damage”. How do you lightly roll over a car?

  2. nonncom says:

    Hey, a night in a body shop and he’ll be ready to go…

  3. RocketmanKarl says:

    That is a ~2005 Subaru Impreza, I’m not surprised it’s still driving, tough car.

  4. Padawan says:

    Maybe there is a case for safety inspections after all.

    • Heathen says:

      No, although that is a “Moving Violation”. Unsafe vehicle.

      And yes I’ve driven “damaged cars” before,but nowhere near as bad as that piece of shit.

  5. Daryl says:

    Driving to the scrap yard, saving the price of the tow.

  6. Roger.45 says:

    “My other car is a Porsche.”

  7. WoodBurner says:

    Love the PB

  8. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Oh, picfle! That will buff right out

  9. Pointy End Out says:

    The car or the driver?

  10. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Back in the early 70’s a friend of mine bought a totalled 63 Olds F85 that had been rear-ended but only had about 20k on it. He just took the trunk lid off and drove it. Only drawback was it wore out tires pretty quick since there was no way it could be aligned properly..but he like me was riding on “may-pops”…used take-off tires we would buy from the local gas station.
    Hell when you’re poor, you “make-do”!

  11. Steve says:

    He’s trying to double the value of the car, by filling the gas tank

  12. censusdesignatedplace says:

    I knew Subarus could take a lickin and keep on tickin because I’ve owned a few, but DAMN!

  13. i think its incredibly cool.

  14. Trib says:

    Must be in my home town. Cops here at always at Durkin.

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