I’ve been that fucked up before

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7 Responses to I’ve been that fucked up before

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Sure it wasn’t a rabid, out-of-control munchies search motivated by something a little stronger than Jack Daniels?

  2. Annie says:

    As long as he didn’t burn the house down it’s a win.

  3. RonM says:

    Find a cool rock on the beach and want to “sterilize” it for your aquarium? I learned the hard way long ago, don’t put it in the oven for an hour at 500 degrees F. In my case, it didn’t break the glass in my oven’s door, but it did cause one hell of a loud explosion and blew the door open so violently I couldn’t believe there was no damage. I mean, you couldn’t kick a door open more violently than that oven door flew open. Saw it with my own eyes. Glad I wasn’t standing on the other side of it when she blew. Must’ve been pent up gases inside the rock, and when they expanded and had no way to get out, kablooey! Lesson learned.

    • Riverwood says:

      Same reason you never use river rocks for a sauna, shrapnel is bad for your health.

  4. me and some friends got together in the small town i grew up in, i was on leave from the navy, they lived and worked back home. we got so laminated that one of the guys got hungry about 2am so we went to the turkey farm and stole a turkey, and cleaned it and stuffed it in the oven.

    i don’t remember much about it but the ungodly mess in my single buddys trailer when 5 chicks and the 4 of us buddies woke up the next day.

  5. RonM says:

    At least I know now how to have fun on July 4th if the bastards ever outlaw fireworks; they can’t outlaw rocks!

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