Man, I love grilled swordfish

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  1. loaded4bear says:

    Many times I’ve fought 100# tarpon. I cannot imagine what it’s like to be hooked up to a 757# swordfish.

    • Colesdad says:

      I ran tarpon charters out of puerto rico for 3 years. Love those fish. I described it like fighting a blue marlin in ten feet of water. Let em get a gulp of air and its like a shot of adrenaline. Those big females would come in in april/may and we had some epic battles on 12lb. Like 6 hour type battles. Tarpon are a hell of a fight. Swords its weird some big ones just come in fairly docile and some 150lbers fight like hell. Funny they are odd creatures. You can tell what diet they prefer by the bill. If that bill is all dented up they like crabs and they use it to dig in the bottom. The meat will have a orange tint and I think they taste better others have a perfect flawless bill and they always have a super white meat. Also one of the only fish found in worldwide in every ocean. Anything that can handle the enormous pressure change from 2000 feet to the surface a jump is a badass fish.

  2. LouisBoling says:

    That’s a blue marlin

    • john biglin says:

      LouisBoiling, you win the correct bell sound.

    • Rick says:

      Beat me to it.

      Zane Grey wrote about catching them – over 1,000 lbs – from the beach in either NZ or Aust. Did that in the 80s at San Francisquito Bay in Baja but nowhere as large.

    • Bill says:

      Swordfish Notice the lack of pelvic fins. I’ve caught hundreds over the span of the last 47 years. Not on a fishing pole though. Harpoon, gillnet, and longline

  3. SinepuxentSerf says:

    That’s a keeper!

  4. censusdesignatedplace says:

    He’s got a couple nice catches there.

  5. Colesdad says:

    That is a broadbill swordfish, aka ELVIS. It’s one of my specialties. I could bore you guys to death explaining the life cycle and daily/nightly habits and tactics to hook one of these awesome fish. It’s no marlin I can guarantee that to you 1000%. I say that with 14 years as a 100 ton master captain.

  6. Colesdad says:

    I call it high tech catfishing. During the day they are at or near the bottom in 1000 to 3500 feet deep so thats how deep you are fishing with with an 80 wide two speed packed with 200lb spectra(braided line) a break away weight I use rebar with quickkrete molded around it attatched to the spectra/mono bimini twist connection via long line clip 100′ of 300lb mono then swivel and a disco light(red/blue/green water activated strobe)then 18′ 250lb fluorocarbon leader to a 16/0 circle hook snelled so the hook is canted toward the leader then a streamlined bait fish(to reduce spinning) or a panama bait(belly of a bonito or whatever sewn to the in a way it wont spin). Difficult to detect the bite that deep and takes a practiced eye. I try to fish two baits, sometimes the current screws me and a tangle at that depth is a bitch.

    At night the follow the largest migration of life on earth to the surface or close to it. I fish 5 lines. surface, 100′, 200′, 300′, and 400′. Rig is 150lb spectra on 50 wide two speeds to 18′ 250lb fluorocarbon with disco light at the bimini connection to a snelled 16/0 circle hook with a 10 to 14″ squid sewn on to the hook and leaded so the hook is coming out of the beak and the mantle of the squid is sewn to the leader so its streamlined. The baits are staggered with balloons with cylume sticks inside them or two leader bottles on a breakaway I prefer the ballons.

    The reason for the different baits during the day is theres a buncha critters down there that love nibbling squid and it sucks bad when you reel up an empty hook fron 2000′.

    The trick is being in the right spot;)

    I can look at a bathemetric chart(topography of ocean floor)and damn near land on top of them. Check out the size of that swords eyes in comparison to the rest of him. He lives 99% of his life in darkness.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Damn, that’s a lot of work, but it has to be worth it. Thanks for the details, I’ll go back over your commentary a little later when I have time.

  7. Colesdad says:

    second time i typed it and its still not showing up. Idk

    • Wirecutter says:

      Naw, it’s there. Sometimes comments go straight to my trash but I know that so I dig them out when I moderate. It’s posted now, thanks.

  8. Colesdad says:

    anytime…Swordfish and Makos are the fish that set my hair on fire everything else is just ho humm yea yea we got them. I could talk about them for days.

  9. Colesdad says:

    Dude I’m happy to. Anything you ever need an answer to I can catch em in that mud hole. I will say this when you put a bait on a circle hook you absolutely don’t know what’s going to bite. Love it.

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