New Jersey ‘Name and Shame’ Gun Tactic Based on Misdirection and Flat-Out Lies

U.S.A. – -( “Four cities in New Jersey – Newark, Jersey City, Paterson and Trenton – are teaming up this summer with the Brady Campaign to develop localized strategies to deal with gun violence,” New Jersey 101.5 reported Tuesday. “One of their common goals: Identify the out-of-state gun dealers whose products flood the cities’ streets, a strategy Brady is already pursuing in Milwaukee, Oakland and Los Angeles.”

“It’s an extension of a ‘name and shame’ strategy Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration began a year ago – first naming the states where guns illegally trafficking into New Jersey were originally sold, then expanding to naming the gun manufacturers,” the report explains.

That’s not as “reasonable” a goal as surface appearances would have the marks believe. They’re being hornswoggled by agenda-promoters using a narrative crafted by professional swindlers to obfuscate, redirect and manipulate. The goal, of course, is to advance support for yet more incremental citizen disarmament.

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4 Responses to New Jersey ‘Name and Shame’ Gun Tactic Based on Misdirection and Flat-Out Lies

  1. Roger says:

    The states name is incorrect.
    Properly named, it is The Peoples Republik of New Jersistan.
    The Garden state where we grow statism and totalitarianism.
    A disarmed populace is known as ‘subjects’
    An armed populace is known as citizens.

  2. whynot says:

    why not list the politicians, the shooters, and the activists who prevent the citizen from protecting themselves??? pot, meet kettle….

  3. Pointy End Out says:

    Sounds like free advertising…

  4. Max says:

    Well, it’s certain they won’t hesitate to tell you the names of those who use a gun to defend themselves. As for those committing crimes, well, we wouldn’t want the public to overreact if they found out that, say, minorities are involved in more violent crimes than their population might reasonably expect.

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