Nice payday

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  1. Dano says:

    Back when the kids were little my wife and I dragged the trailer out to Prince Edward Island. One day, we were out exploring and wound up at some little fishing village and had heard a boat was on the way in with a tuna. So we waited and boy was it worth the wait. 727lbs. Never seen anything like it. It was all pretty awesome for the kids too until buddy came along with the electric chainsaw. I was told the fish was sold before they even hit the harbor and that it would end up on a sushi table in Japan 24 hours later.

  2. Paul B says:

    What a tuna.

  3. Anderson says:

    A 612 lb Bluefin sold for $3.1 million at the Tokyo auction this past January. I can’t imagine what a plate of restaurant sushi would cost when that was the wholesale price paid.

  4. Cavguy says:

    Warm blooded fish

  5. Phil B says:

    How many tins would that one fill?

  6. nonncom says:

    One man’s sushi is another man’s bait….

  7. Bootmaker says:

    ive caught some big-assed grouper in the gulf, not quite that size…but almost.
    never knew you could get that kinda payday from tuna. wow…

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