No. Way. In. Hell.

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  1. Bruce wayne says:

    And it’s below freezing

  2. Camperfixer says:

    Better hope the gal sewing the Port-A-Rest wasn’t having a bad day, or the aging bolts still hold. This big wall climbing never appealed to me…too much gear to drag up a face.

  3. nonncom says:

    What is wrong with these people… this a necessity?….is this an uncontrollable situation?….surely they didn’t do this by choice….

  4. Rob says:

    A poor place to find out you sleep walk…

  5. Daryl says:

    Looks like El Capitan out west someplace. I remember a couple guys taking about a couple weeks to get up it back in the 70’s. Not for me, I get dizzy just standing up sometimes.

    • Greg says:

      A guy recently did El Cap free solo (without ropes) in one day. See the movie Free Solo, it’s pretty good.

      • Camperfixer says:

        Great flick…Alex Honnold (who is on a recent “Climbing Spain” pic on Daily Timewaster hanging from his fingertips). His El Cap free solo was a seriously amazing achievement with singular focus, but not for the feint of heart (as the camera guys looked away at the crux portions). He’s not human in the fear department.

  6. Ogrrre says:

    Forty years ago? Hell, yeah! Today? Oh, hell, no! Back then my back wasn’t in such bad shape, and I could do this.

  7. J-Dog says:

    Got one word for you- updrafts. Wind hits the rock face, nowhere to go but up. Like riding a bucking bronco at 1500 ft up and you have a twenty year old bolt, some 12mm nylon rope and your guardian angel to keep you from riding the express elevator to the base of the crag.

  8. Berglander says:

    How do you take a dump?

  9. George says:

    You ever wake up with that feeling that you are falling?

  10. just add violence says:

    I think this falls under the “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” category.

    Everyone’s looking for a thrill these days.

    Far as I’m concerned most of these extreme thrill seekers are a waste of space.

    How about pick up an AR, learn how to use it and take on the powers that be when it gets spicy … there’s a useful thrill for ya.

  11. enn ess says:

    And just WTF is the point? It proves that you can do what, hang on a rock face like a bat? A phyne example of people that don’t have enough constructive things to do, like actual work. There is a much faster way to the top you know, like walking up the long way around, or just use a f-ing helicopter, cause you know, that’s what they were primarily invented for….

    • Jay says:

      rock climbing is amazing.

      do what is meaningful, not what is expedient.

      you think those guys are bums? have you priced a bigwall rack and portaledge lately??

      don’t ever let a rock climber get ahold of your balls in a fight. grip strength. you’ll feel it.

      2 cams and a sling also makes a Bolas style weapon that is mean as hell.

  12. WeeBrowser says:

    That would be my Hell! I’m so scared of heights that I freak in tall buildings with windows that go to the floor.

  13. NewVegasBadger says:

    There are times when you should ALWAYS buy the very best you can afford. This is one of those occasions.

  14. bogsidebunny says:

    Some spill over from Los Angeles or San Francisco?

  15. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    All to prove gravity works. No thanks!

  16. Nemo says:

    Remember that overhang gif from last week that sheared off? See that long crack in the overhang above the right side of he side tents? See all of that pulverized scree at the bottom of the precipice? Darwin awards waiting to happen.

  17. Padawan says:

    How many different languages can you say “oh fuck no” in?

  18. Camperfixer says:

    A coworker used to say “If there was anything worth seeing at the top they’d have put a coffeeshop up there with a road to it, like Mount Evans.” Hehe

  19. BlueMntCeltic says:

    When the first party to scale the ‘Diamond’ on Long’s Peak, RMNP in Colorado, they used primitive hammocks like that for a couple of nights on the face. Seems to me I recollect back in the 60’s that was a pioneering technique.

  20. RTinWeimar says:

    So who took the picture?

  21. Charry1 says:

    These pics always make my sphincter tighten

  22. the other jack says:

    at least you dont have to worry about bears or scorpions

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