Physically Weak Men Are More Likely to Be Socialists, Study Shows

Men who are physically weak are more likely to be socialists, according to an academic study.Researchers at Brunel University London assessed 171 men, looking at their height, weight, overall physical strength, and bicep circumference, along with their views on redistribution of wealth and income inequality.
-Joe Mama


That’s because they expect everybody else to do their work for them.

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16 Responses to Physically Weak Men Are More Likely to Be Socialists, Study Shows

  1. Jeremy says:

    Are the NFL and NBA players weak? I meant physically….

    • Unclezip says:

      It’s their wimmin doin’ it. Cottonhead didn’t start kneeling until he hooked up with a moslem girlfriend.

  2. 1980XLS says:

    Like in limp wrists?

  3. Trib says:

    Weak is another word for wuzzy. NFL players are wussies compared to Rugby players

  4. Walpurgis says:

    It’s genetic. When all the big, strong, manly hunters were out fighting or feeding the tribe, who do you think was busy fucking everything back in the cave?

  5. WoodBurner says:

    Your Kill’n Me W.C. 8~DDD

  6. censusdesignatedplace says:

    “Not pictured” haha, no kidding. Although I’d bet the dude in the pink suit could tear ass on the rest of that group on a good day!

  7. rocketride says:

    The mind is weak, the body suffers. (I’m sure these ‘guys’ aren’t just physically weak.)

  8. tomrdcinc2 says:

    They love Darwinism until it applies to them…………..

  9. Tim in AK says:

    Not only that, but on the Left side of the spectrum….the genders start to run together and become blurred.
    On the Right, women are women, and happy to be, and men are men.

    • crazyeighter says:

      “On the Right, women are women, and happy to be, and men are men.”

      And I for one, LIKE it that way.

  10. Sabre22 says:

    Why do you there are so many Pro baby Killing beta males on the left. It is the only way they can get laid. Lions kill cubs of other males to induce the female into heat so they can breed them so do Grizzly bears. Same with beta males in Baby killing clinics they associate with females showing sympathy for their plight and in so doing hope to breed the female in the near future.

  11. Sooper Edd says:

    They’re typically lazy too.

  12. Doug says:

    This is bass ackwards –socialists are weak men, obviously.

  13. David Fischer says:

    And I thought it was mentally weak.

  14. rightwingterrorist says:


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