PsychoChicks – we’ve all had ’em

A Florida woman has been arrested for squeezing her boyfriend’s genitals until they bled during a heated argument, cops say.

Katie Lee Pitchford, 21, was arrested on June 4 after cops responded to reports of an assault at a home in Indian Harbour Beach, about 70 miles from Orlando.

A man called police at 3.47am saying his live-in girlfriend, who he’s been dating for nearly three years, assaulted him after she became ‘enraged’ during an argument, according to the police report.
-Frank, Nemo, Steve

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18 Responses to PsychoChicks – we’ve all had ’em

  1. Tim in AK says:

    I always look at/into a persons eyes, and consequently she’s not good looking to me.
    Way too mean and psychopathic looking for my tastes.

    And I’m pretty sure that if she grabbed my sack, I’d be able to put a hurtin’ on her that would quickly convince her that releasing me would be a really good idea.
    I too live by the motto that you never hit a woman, but when the nuts get involved…..that rule is out.

  2. JamesD says:

    “Florida Woman” sets the stage.

    She is kind of hot and appears to maybe enjoy rough sex.

    I’d try to tolerate it for a few weeks of getting some new nookie.

  3. loaded4bear says:

    Dang, and she’s a little hottie, too.

    Maybe for a weekend……

    I’ll show her some new math – how many times 57 goes into 22. ( The answer is about 6 )

  4. Steve says:

    Typical bi-polar behavior. Also, she was the baddie and she attacked. ….ALSO, she had a violent encounter with the po-po, which led to probation.


  5. brighteyes says:

    If some one is going to squeeze them until they bleed I think I could suck it up enough to beat them to death, quickly.

  6. rayvet says:

    From the looks of her, she just might be worth a little blood from the scrotum. She’s a looker, just saying.

  7. Stretch says:

    Biggest surprise? NOT a Redhead!

  8. Biblicalviolence says:

    Doesn’t matter how “hot”, small, delicate, etc; when the psychologically compromised throws a strike, ALL bets are off. Kinetic force doesn’t discriminate between sex, age, weight, etc, at least, not anymore.
    “But a man NEVER hits a woman! Period!” I know, I used to wholly concur with the sentiment whoever, modern day feminism with its Hollywood backed propaganda, MeToo, “gender fluidity”, all this abject insanity and prosecution of true masculinity, the codes of chivalry have been compromised at the behest of violence towards upstanding men.

  9. ZombieDawg says:

    How many times does 57 go into six.
    The new pedo joke ☺

  10. Critter says:

    Hairstylist. Check. Definitely above the crazy line on the matrix.

  11. samoore says:

    She certainly looks doable, but I think I’d handcuff her wrists to the bedposts first.

  12. Gater, OKC says:

    “No matter how good looking she is, someone, somewhere is tired of putting up with her shit.”

  13. Sanders says:

    My little brother did 90 days because of a psycho chick. She attacked him with a butcher knife and he pinned her up against the wall until she “calmed down”. When he let her go, she called 911 and he got arrested. That was in Seattle – the psycho chick capital.

  14. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Gives “devil woman” new meaning. And she’s pretty flat-chested.

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