Ridgetop TN dissolves police force

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – According to city and county officials, the city of Ridgetop has dissolved its police department, effective immediately.

The now-former Police Chief Bryan Morris told Smokey Barn News the decision came during a special called meeting Monday evening. The decision coming in at 7:15 pm.

After the meeting, Morris said he was told to take two police vehicles that were parked at city hall and return them to the station. Once at the station, Morris says a locksmith was already working on the locks. “That’s very funny,” Morris said. “I mean if they haven’t talked about this (which would be breaking the sunshine laws) and they hadn’t already planned on doing this why was there already a locksmith changing the locks?”

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8 Responses to Ridgetop TN dissolves police force

  1. Jack says:

    Till the hangings start, no-thing changes.
    This a just a fact of politics

  2. Dai says:

    With a population of 1,874 at the 2010 census why would it need a police Dept? Most towns here in Connecticut with a population below 15,000 don’t have a police dept. Why? because their not needed.

    • Wirecutter says:

      My county has only 2 towns in it, Lafayette being the biggest one with about 5000 people, and both of them have police forces. If they didn’t, the Sheriff’s department would have to be 4-5 times larger just to patrol the entire county. As it is, I live 5 miles from town and I think I’ve seen a sheriff’s car on patrol out here maybe a half dozen times in 3 years.

  3. Matt says:

    Hey Mr.Morris,

    You’ve lost the confidence of the people and travellers who pay your salary and likely, pension.

    You have also likely lost the trust of both, as well as your local government peers.

    Anything else you can’t cypher on your own?


  4. Mark E says:

    Never thought I’d here a policeman admit that their performance was measured by this — “they are throwing a fit because they got caught, you know, violating the ticket quota”

  5. Dwan Seicheine says:

    quick. No law means free shit.!

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    I grew up in Ridgetop, & avoid it as much as possible now. It turned into a speed trap, and, to the Chief’s credit, he was against that. All in all, though, no great loss. Nothing RCSD can’t handle (look for RCSD to demand more funding–oops, it’s already happened)!

  7. Jeepster says:

    speed trap ! and money laundering operation from the old days, terminate them. Next Stop is Lavergne TN. Your time is coming crooks …..

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