South Africa – Stefan Smit killed following land grabs dispute

Sad news is reaching us from Stellenbosch on Monday morning: Stefan Smit, the owner of Louisenhof Wine Estates in Stellenbosch, was the victim of a murder over the weekend.

Who is Stefan Smit?

Smit had gained something of a national profile after he was interviewed by the New York Times in March, speaking to the publication about the threat of land grabs on his property. The wine merchant had previously complained about how citizens from a nearby township had begun erecting shacks at the back of his farm.

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19 Responses to South Africa – Stefan Smit killed following land grabs dispute

  1. WoodfBurner says:

    Look at the history of the continent, I’ll bet the smart $ got out.

  2. Roger says:

    Any opinions on when land grabs and the taking of peoples property are coming here in the good ole USA? Perhaps Aesop may have the answer.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’m sure he does, I’m sure he does.

      • Lineman says:

        We definitely need to all get together I bet we would have a blast…

        • Wirecutter says:

          I honestly think we’d be laughing so hard our faces would hurt for the next week.

        • Friend, if we all tried to get together; the FBI, the State Police, the Dept. of Homeland Security and The Easter Bunny would all go nuts.
          Trying to arrange that many simultaneous plane crashes, suicides and hit & runs would likely tax their resources.

          “None of them be missed”

          • Lineman says:

            Oh I’m not to worried about that Brother if we don’t associate because we are worried about that then we have already lost…

        • Mike_C says:

          Set aside at least a full weekend then. Aesop was kind enough to buy me dinner when I was out in the LA area and I think we talked for something like five hours. Admittedly at least an hour of that was “stupid shit I’ve seen (or done) in hospital” stories, but still ….

          @North River: no need for multiple near-simultaneous accidents. One drone strike would do just fine. (q. v. the upcoming WRSA gathering) Not that I’m important enough to be worth a Hellfire.

          On a serious note, Pioneer Preppy has got it right so far as white emigrating from the RZA goes. Plus there is a very understandable “this was the land of my forefathers and I’m NOT going to be driven off” mentality.

          I’m inclined to blame Smits’ killing partly on the NY Times. Not sure what if anything they did wrong here (I did not read the article), but I’m happy to blame the NYT on general principles. And more to the point, NYT certainly doxxed the hell out of those people in Honduras who self-organized to resist MS13. The deaths of those people is on the heads of the author of the piece and his editors. Layers and layers of editors.

    • ontoiran says:

      they are going to have to chew through a pile of their dead comrades to get to me

  3. Jack says:

    The farmers should leave with there money and burn the place to the ground with delayed fire starters.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      If they are able to leave with their money. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government didn’t have “taxes” in place for money being taken offshore.

      They should have fought back in the 90’s. South Africa is pretty interesting. There were two semi black groups in the area the Dutch first colonized. The San and the Hottentots. The Dutch would shoot the San on sight, but they civilized the Hottentots. It was over 100 years before the Dutch had any contact with the Bantu tribes that had followed the East Coast of Africa down from the north. One commentator said that at the rate the Bantu were advancing they would have hit Table Mountain sometime in the 1970’s. South Africa was Dutch(and later English) created. The Bantu were late comers.

    • RocketmanKarl says:

      My understanding was that, as soon as the ANC took over after apartheid ended, the whites were welcome to leave SA, but they couldn’t take their money with them.

      The smart ones left years ago and started over. The ones that stay too long now will pay with their lives.

  4. Eric says:

    Pack your bags, salt the land, hit the road. Fuck em.

  5. They can’t leave. No Western Country will allow any real numbers of South African Whites to immigrate. Occasionally one slips through but no Western Nations will allow any type of refugee status or numbers of Whites in to matter. There was a SA White who tried to gain refugee status not long ago in Canada and was denied. To admit Whites need refugee status from SA is to admit the actions these Western nations took were wrong and the entire leftist Multi-Cult narrative is wrong so it will never happen.

  6. FaCubeItches says:

    Gee, you’d think at some point the honkies there would start defending both themselves and each other. But I’m sure this will be the last murder in South Africa.

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