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10 Responses to Studly

  1. loaded4bear says:

    Y’up, you guys got it. I’d bet heavy that it is Photoshopped and it did come from Kill Bill Vol. 1.

    You’ve got some pretty sharp readers, WC.

  2. Dan says:

    Even money it’s not his truck….

  3. Bob M says:


  4. WoodBurner says:

    Looks Shopped, or it should be.

  5. Mike_C says:

    Buck had a better truck.

  6. Blackdog says:

    He wouldn’t like it very much if one of my girls saw that, and asked me what it meant.

  7. Critter says:

    Yep. He looks like a pussy.

  8. Wayne Wilson says:

    Had a partner that had a pick up called warwagon , and it was .

  9. Djamer says:

    He is praying for. . . ?

  10. Tim in AK says:

    Actually, he may be correct, but just not the way he thinks……

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