The dude in front of the prop…

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  1. arc says:

    Fuck the prop, try that fool being held by nothing but someones hands. That there is special kind of stupid.

    • Larry says:

      He’s wearing a parachute. No big deal.

    • Rick T says:

      The pant legs don’t look windblown and the parachute on the guy in back should be blown up on his back. Plus, no exhaust plume from the engine.

      Something about Aviation Photographer’s Mates will do anything to get a picture???

      Staged on the ground.

  2. PatrickHenry'sGhost says:

    One of my favorite stories about the early days of the Pacific theater in WWII, was the story of a J2 nicknamed ‘The Candy Clipper’ rescuing boys from Corregidor right under the enemy guns!

    Too bad I never learned how to fly, I always wanted to fly a Grumman amphib, either a Goose or a Duck like this one.

  3. Roger says:

    Front cameraman’s balls are bigger than his brain.

  4. oldawg says:

    Well THAT ain’t going on my bucket list!

  5. crazyeighter says:

    Not to worry; they just shut the engine down to let him crawl out there, then restart it. When he’s done, it’s another shut down and restart.

    And if you believe that…

  6. Cliff Clavin says:

    Dateline circa 1942: DARPA with the cooperation of the US Navy invents prototype version of Photoshop. Weeks later pirated and patented by Adobe Systems, the technology was buried until years later when in 1988 when Windows 2.1 was first developed.

  7. Daryl says:

    Gegaan Maar Niet Vergeten
    Photo montage by the well-known photographer ‘anonymous’, used in the squadron’s Christmas card, 17 February It features some of enterprising photographers working to get the best possible camera angles from positions aboard a Grumman “Duck.

  8. samoore says:

    Nice example of darkroom magic.

    Since the first enlargers, clever people have been able to do fun shit like that.

    Hell, even I could superimpose images when I had my darkroom. Nothing that nice, though.

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