The Evil Waterer

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8 Responses to The Evil Waterer

  1. Paul B says:

    Glug glug glug. Not sure what that triggered

  2. Kapt Kaos says:

    Obviously hydraulics is not in his field of understanding.

  3. warhorse says:

    got one of those for my dog years ago. it gurgled once while he was drinking, and he wouldn’t go near it after that.

    golden retrievers are smart sometimes, and dumb sometimes.

  4. A Texan says:

    My GS would probably do the same thing. She’ll jump on anyone at pretty much any time, and definitely will start up with out other dog, but she’s scared to death of my son’s plastic rifle that shoots air at her (the other dog, a black-mouthed cur, simply bites it and growls). The GS definitely does the same as this dog with drooling all over the place – she simply doesn’t give a rat’s ass how much drool she puts all over the floor. The pad underneath catches a bunch of it, but not nearly all. Love the dog, but hate that particular behavior.

    • Jeff C. in NC says:

      Our GS will jump on anyone close to my wife (which is good, most times) but hates a thunderstorm or when I pump up the old BB gun to pop the squirrels out of the bird feeders. Alas, the old girl is starting to fade – hips – but still tries to play and definitely still dotes on my wife.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Sounds like that asshole dog Jack. We had a good thunderstorm last night and he freaked out. I opened the door to step outside to calm him down and he damned near knocked me down getting in.
        If you raise a rifle when he’s around, he ducks and runs. He doesn’t go far, but you can tell somebody’s popped him with an air gun at some point in his life – it doesn’t bother him if you’re carrying it muzzle down, but as soon as you level it he gets real skittish.

        • Mike_C says:

          “doesn’t bother him if you’re carrying it muzzle down, but as soon as you level it he gets real skittish.”

          Huh. A while back I was photographing birds at the local NWR. A bunch of northern shovellers were remarkably tame and let me approach, with camera on extended tripod, to within 15 feet. (Them in the water near the dike I was on, me on the dike.)

          When it got too dark to photograph I started to put my gear away. When I folded the tripod at one point it looked like I had a long gun at low ready. The previously “tame” shovellers went apeshit, quacking madly as they exploded out of the water, heading for the far shore of the lake.

          • Wirecutter says:

            That’s weird. Must be some kind of animal instinct. CharlieGodammit isn’t gun shy, I’ve shot around him since the day I got him, but if I’m carrying a gun in my hand he’ll go out of his way to be behind me whereas he usually walks in front of me a few feet.

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